The Importance of Mobile Apps for Your Business

Modern communication technology mobile phone concept on high tech background

If you’re the owner of a small business, you might find the following stats interesting:

  • There are 7.19 billion mobile phones in the world and just over 2 billion of them are smartphones.
  • Today, mobile internet usage is much more than desktop internet usage.
  • An overwhelming majority of local searches – on Google as well as on Bing – are done on a smartphone.
  • Apple leads the smartphone market with a 47% market share, with Android closely behind. Microsoft Windows / Nokia comes a poor third and the Blackberry has virtually disappeared.
  • While a majority of mobile app sales are made on Android, Apple iOS apps make the most money

The growth of smartphones has been, perhaps, the biggest development in technology over the last decade, with the explosion in the use of social media being a close second. But while smartphones such as the iPhone 7 and the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S7 are highly treasured, these phones are nothing but blocks of plastic without the mobile apps that run on them.

More than the electronics and the design used in the smartphones, it is the sheer excitement over the hundreds of thousands of mobile apps sold in the various App Stores that are driving the sales of smartphones. What significance do the tremendous popularity and amazing utility of mobile apps hold for your business?

Value of Mobile Apps for Your Business

Much Better Service, Higher Sales

The primary goal of a business is to sell a product or a service and to make profits. Mobile apps help you do just that. How so? Mobile apps make it possible for your products or services to be displayed for sale to a discerning buyer in a highly attractive and useful way, helping people to better understand the product or a service and find out about what makes so special.

Mobile apps have changed how people buy or sell a product or service, making the whole process fun, with a much higher involvement from the buyer, and greater engagement on the part of the seller. That is why you must have a dedicated app for your business, whether you sell a service or a product.

Better Engagement with the Customer

Mobile apps have made it possible for businesses to engage better with customers, communicate with them in a far superior two-way exchange, with amazing new innovations such as news feed and push notifications, which use GPS technology that helps the customers to explore your product or service like never before. Also, with mobile apps, it’s far easier to connect directly with the customer, providing them an easy platform to address their feedback or complaints to you.

User Friendly

Mobile apps are extremely user-friendly, have a simple interface, and are easy to navigate. They are often far more user-friendly than ordinary websites, even better than mobile websites. They make it so much simpler and fun for users to buy a product or hire a service, offering a very high level of access and interaction with the business, which is not possible with ordinary responsive websites.

Development Costs Not Too High

Mobile apps are very easy to make and can be made by a trained mobile app developer for a reasonably small investment. But once you have made your business “mobile friendly,” the return on investment is likely to be massive. You can expect much higher sales, more efficient business processes and a far superior usability, all which work together to get the maximum bang for your buck, saving your business a plenty of expenses, time and pain.


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