The Future of Hospitality Wifi

30348220_381bb6ef9b_bThe technology landscape of today is swarming with consumers who demand speedy, reliable Wi-Fi. The hospitality spaces have warmed up to this trend to provide consistent and efficient internet access to all the travelers.

Gone are the days when hotel Wi-Fi was just a means to connect guests to the Internet. The hospitality industry is embracing a future where WiFi is an uncompromising part of the business that enables them to offer more personalized service to guests.

  1. Stay connected….on the move

Staying connected to the internet has progressed beyond a mere utility. In fact, it has become an absolute necessity, especially for people on the move.

  • It’s true that consumers want superior Wi-Fi performance when they are touring.
  • The travelers want to be able to access the Internet through Smart devices they carry as they value experience over hotel’s lavishness.
  • From small cafes to top hotels, business owners now recognize the significance of allowing travelers World Wide Web access via their laptops, Smartphones, and tablets.
  • Wireless applications designed particularly for hoteliers can provide guest-facing solutions. This will boost visitor experience by offering more opportunities on the go.
  1. …delighted

The Wi-Fi facility in your hotel can delight your visitors with a top-notch experience.

  • The guests can connect to W-iFi to enjoy in-room entertainment, see live stream videos, and attend video conferences.
  • The facility allows guest to seamlessly combine work and capability and chill out anywhere on the premises.
  • The travelers can direct hotel technology by means of their personal WiFi devices.
  • Other services such as way-finding applications and big data tools will allow hoteliers to identify customer requirements and provide personalized services to enhance a guest’s stay.
  1. Stay engaged…..with customers

Smart networks at hotels know how to engage with the guest after obtaining valuable information about their requirements.

  • Engaging with guests in innovative allows you to provide personalized interactions at the exact place in the correct context.
  • You will be able to know who your guests are, their previous visits, details about their loyalty membership, how they behave, what facilities they utilize during the say, and how they spend their time in different locations on the premises.
  • Gaining actionable knowledge on customer behavior allows hotel owners to create a strong feedback on customers’ profile.
  • Spot on knowledge of behavior empowers you to deliver engagement services that guests will value throughout their stay.
  • You can bring together the whole system of network infrastructure, engagement systems, and enterprise cloud to better engage with your guests at their locations.
  1. Stay ahead…..of competition

A strong Wi-Fi infrastructure is an integral part of core hotel amenities. It pushes you higher up as a decisive option in the list of competitors.

  • If you want your hotel to be a favored destination among travelers, you need to deliver a high-performance Wi-Fi service to your guests.
  • Suffice it to say, most of the hotels today are equipped with free Wi-Fi facility. The internet accessibility truly generates real value for hotel owners with a significant increase in their visitor internet experience scores.
  • Hotel owners have the opportunity to transform user engagement and influence customer loyalty by granting digital experiences to pocket more revenue than their competitors.
  • WiFi provides visitor analytics and integrates it with social networking platforms to generate valuable businesses data that can enhance your marketing strategies.
  • Delighting and engaging guests with relevant services in real-time gives you a competitive edge.
  1. Stay compliant…..with government norms

The government regulations emphasize on compliance withPayment Card Industry (PCI) Data Standard.

  • If business owners who entertain credit cards transactions have Wi-Fi, they are lawfully required to follow PCI. Wi-Fi can meet with PCI and by design, generate PCI audit information that saves businesses from legal risks.
  • The hotels with secure and compliant Wi-Fi will be safe in view of government coming down heavily on PCI.

It is said that good things never come easy. Keeping this in mind, hotels need an absolutely integrated system covering their Wi-Fi network. This would include a powerful cloud platform that unites context and location intelligence to support every engagement.

If hospitality industry is seriously considering indulging in guest-facing applications, they should start adopting Wi-Fi infrastructure right now. By incorporating technology’s newest advances, the industry will be all charged up to step into a wireless future.

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