The Business Benefits of Phone Systems

business phone systemsWith more competition in business, companies are finding new ways to promote their business in the market. The basic telephone system offers a host of services to conduct business. Modern systems have numerous in-built features such as caller-Id, voice mail, call forwarding, conference calling, call transfer, automatic redial and number storage facilities. With such services you can improve communication with the business clients and make your business grow.

Caller –ID: If you want to see who is making an inbound call to you, you can use caller identification (caller-ID) of your telephone system to check it out. Caller identification in a telephone service transmits the caller number in the receiver's telephone equipment during the ringing signal or before the phone is answered. By this way, one can track out who is making a call.

Call Tracking: Call tracking is a way to check out who is using your phone in doing outbound calls. The tracking system helps you in track call times, length of call, caller and the recipient.

Call Forward or Transfer: Call forwarding or call diversion is a feature in phone system which lets an incoming call to be redirected to another recipient.

Conference - Call: A useful feature of telephone systems is the ability to conduct conference calls. A conference call allows people attend meetings over phone. A conference call helps people in having conversation with each other over phone and not travel thousand of distances just to be physically present for a meeting. This saves time and energy of the recipients.

Voice –Message: Voice message or mail is a system by which callers and recipients exchange personal or business voice messages over a phone.

Automatic Redial: Automatic redial helps the caller to redial the number they have previously dialed. It happens sometimes you called a number to find it to be busy. Automatic redial feature helps you in not dialing the phone number again. You have to just press the redial button again to give a call to the number.

Number storage: Storing numbers in phone system itself is another feature of the phone systems. One can store numbers in their phone system. You just need to press a button to get the list of stored phone numbers and give a call.

VOIP: VOIP or voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet. While doing business, one needs to do a lot of phone calls. This means you need to spend a fortune over your telephone bills. Using VOIP will help you save money, for your business.

img2But, can a phone system help in doing marketing for business?

Definitely, it can make you appear more professional in your business and help you achieve targeted goals, how?

As mentioned, modern telephone systems has variety of voice messaging options. You can program a message or music while the callers are put on hold. An on hold phone system lets the callers know the basic information about your company, like hours of operation, web address or related matters while it is being transferred to an extension. For example, complaints or suggestions press -1, to know about new products, press - 2 or directly press -0 to talk to a representative.

This is useful and effective at communicating specific information directly to the customers. It helps in building the company brand or value in the market.

Do you know most business callers hang phone on hearing dead air or canned music while put on hold?

This is because 80 -90% callers prefer to hear message or music while put on hold. So, why lose this unique opportunity to market your business by making your callers hear messages about your products or services while they themselves make a call. Inexpensive way to sell more services to existing customers than attract new ones!

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