Reasons Why Employees Need a VPN

Before we get into the reasons why your business needs a VPN (virtual private network) let’s first talk about what a VPN actually is. Without going into too much detail, we can define a VPN as a group of computers that are linked together over the web. When you connect to a VPN, it encrypts your data and keeps you safe and anonymous on the internet.

There are a lot of those who use VPN, so that they can browse the network while not being on the same local network, encrypt and secure communication when they are on some untrusted public network or to connect to business data centers.

The digital age has created many business opportunities, but it also carries certain privacy risks. You cannot just let your employees go online unprotected and expect everything to go well.

It all comes down to securing all of the internet users and their computers and making sure that the data they are sending or receiving is safe and secure from any external influence. With this said, let’s get to the first reason why you should provide your employees with VPN.

Improved security against online breaches or identity thefts

We will talk about more detail as this article progresses, but the essential purpose and application of VPN technology is to protect all of the data that the user sends or receives and make sure that their identity is never exposed to unwanted eyes.

Your employees need to be safe online, and when they are safe, your business is safe as well. You may have firewalls that are supposed to protect all your employee’s data on their computers and business anti-virus software that protects your employees from malware, but still, only a VPN can ensure true protection of the data that your employees send and receive.

All organizations that care about their employees and their safety know how important it is to provide their IT staff with a VPN. Additionally, your employees will feel safer and they will not be on the edge when sending important business documents.

Not allowing anyone to control your team’s online activity


You might think that the internet connection you provide to your employees is “yours”, but it really isn’t. The reality is that you are the one renting your ability to connect to the internet, and when you are signing your internet contract providers will sometimes ask you to consent to some conditions which are not always good.

Most of the time, the providers don’t mean to do any harm, however, the numbers tell us that there are many cases of privacy abuse by various search engines, internet providers or website owners. A VPN will completely secure what your team does online and therefore you will also protect your business and its assets.

Your employees will definitely feel satisfied with the fact that you are trying to make their business activities private and not visible to anyone outside the company. Of course, you are the only one who will be able to see what they are doing and this is normal. If you are using a project management tool or some communication tool, this kind of protection would really come in handy.

People don’t want to work in a company that throws their information around and exposes them to various risks. They want to be secure and do their jobs as best as they can and not think about any potential consequences that might result from them just doing their jobs.

Office Wi-Fi faces potential threats

There are a lot of people who still don’t understand that business Wi-Fi hotspots, in spite of the fact that they are paid, can be highly unsecure and a potential threat to employees. When your employees or guests connect to the web using your hotspot, they are basically offering all of their data on a silver platter, without any protection.

All of the data that gets exposed includes emails, personal messages, web search history and all the data that is sent or received while connected to the wireless network. When connected like this, people on the prowl for your business information can easily get it if you are unprotected.

If everyone has a VPN connection, they will be completely secure while connected to the internet on your Wi-Fi hotspot.


To sum it up, a VPN will greatly improve the privacy and security of your employees and your whole company. Nothing will get stolen and your business processes will run smoothly, while being completely secure.

If you want your IT department to be relaxed and focus on their work without any distractions, you have to guarantee them safe communication with a VPN.

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