Outsource Mobile App Development and Evolve Ahead of your Competitors

What is outsourcing?

First, we need to clarify this concept. Offshore outsourcing is the system of collaborating with an external organization. This organization has to execute some of the business roles as assigned. The products are not to be sold in the outsourcers’ country. It needs only to be marketed. Thus, this system brings in profit to both the countries. In fact, it is a strategic necessity to cut down a certain amount of overhead expenses.

What is the need to outsource?

The significance of Mobile App Development is not a new concept these days. Similarly, building a robust and functional mobile app is also not easy. Even if you have got ideas, it takes a lot of effort to build the apps. Outsourcing helps you bridge the gap between your ideas and the real app. Thus, it also helps you to convert your ideas into reality. Outsourcing is a step towards success in digital marketing.

Why choose India in order to outsource your projects of the mobile application?

India is the most sought after country to get the outsourcing done. Basically, the idea of offshore outsourcing is that the job has to be done at optimal costs. But, there is no space for any lower quality products or services. Thus, you need to provide a premium quality service to the clients at affordable costs.

In India, you will get both the advantages with ease. The biggest advantage is a bulk amount of highly skilled manpower. Indians are great when it comes to technical knowledge and skill.

1. Adjustable working schedule

Flexible working hours are also a major advantage of mobile apps. The developers can work according to your preferable time zone. You can also change the work schedule according to your needs and demands. Thus, you get to increase your revenue with a plenty of other advantages as well.

The Indian mobile app developers make use of the UX design and framework as per the OS guidelines. This helps them to maintain the rich user experience in your mobile apps. Thus, your clients can browse swiftly on the app.

2. Friendly Governmental policies

The Indian IT domain comes under the IT Act 2000. It has propelled the image of India as the largest and most reliable outsourcing destination. Moreover, the Indian government also provides 100% foreign equity to support the outsourcing industry.

So, there will be no legal harassment once you make up your mind to outsource your mobile app work to India. The software technology parks in India offer a lucrative salary along with incentives and concessions. This encourages foreign investment. In fact, it is also a step to promote software development in India. A separate ministry of IT was set up. It was done to implement and get the IT projects approved in no time.

3. Statistics on outsourcing mobile app development projects to India

According to a survey, there are top three destinations that are usually favored by the foreign countries. The countries are India, Poland and Philippines.

Poland and the Philippines are suitable to execute any sort of mobile app development projects for your business. But, it lacks the set of hard working and updated IT professionals as are located in India. Moreover, these two countries demand a higher rate of money as compared to what India demands.

A research and survey have confirmed that India is the most favorable outsourcing destination for 80% of US and European countries. It is mainly because India is the abode of highly skilled technicians at cheap labor costs.

4. You will get skilled developers in India

Now, India is a talent rich country. It has the highest number of IT professionals who are always ready to face new challenges and embrace unique strategies. This makes India a popular choice among foreign countries to outsource their projects.

In fact, it has a large number of software companies that has received ISO 2000 certification. After the US, India is the second largest exporter of software in the world. That proves that India has some of the most proficient and diligent mobile app developers.

India has the highest number of skilled IT developers and technicians. About 3 million of Indians are added to this workforce almost every year. This team of innovative and creative professionals attracts a large number of companies to outsource in India.

5. Reduced Expense

Cost is one of the main reasons businessmen want to outsource their mobile app work to India. The cost is comparatively less than what Canada or UK would have charged to do the same. Thus, this helps the companies to maintain the excessive expenses on overhead.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing is that it reduces the cost to a great extent. As stated earlier, the development of mobile apps requires a huge amount of money. So, most of the businessmen want to reduce cost and maintain the quality of their services at the same time. Well, nothing but outsourcing could help you with both.

6. Stay competitive with a proficient Indian Mobile Development Company

Every businessman has to stay competitive in this vast area of digital marketing. Outsourcing helps you stay ahead of all your competitors. It lets you embrace reliable, innovative and unique techniques to develop the mobile apps. Thus, it develops a strong and trustworthy relationship between you and your clients.

There are certain legalities when you plan to deal with a foreign app development agency. For instance, when you choose an agency from North America, there is a chance that they might start their own business out of your idea. But in India, you get no such trouble. You get to form a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement with any Indian company.

Know the charge variation before you Hire Android Developer or IOS Developer

Every business startups are relying on India due to its wide pricing options. Whether you Hire IOS Developer or Android developers. The Indian market will prove profitable for your business.

If you hire an IOS Developer from North America, it will cost you an approximately 50$ to 250$ per hour. On the other hand, the Indian market costs something between 10$ to 80$.

You will obviously want a clean and modern architecture to build the mobile apps. So, that calls for a separate and complex code. Incorporating a strong presentation layer on your app also needs a separate set of coding. So, long hours and code decide the cost of your project.

Adding an in-house set up for your mobile app development work adds up to your cost, time and space as well. So, outsourcing your project to a third party is an economical and smart idea is a viable option.


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