Importance of Mobile eCommerce Apps for Your Business

eCommerce-appThe online presence of a business which is involved in selling products and takes care of online transactions is called eCommerce business. The development of eCommerce business is on a rise now with the increasing number of the internet audience. So for the businesses which are looking for new ways to expand their horizon, this platform offers them a better solution.

Over the years, the eCommerce ecosystem has gone through a great transformation with the evolution of mobile apps. This has led the businesses to offer unique and customer-friendly shopping experience.

eCommerce business and mobile apps

Today the eCommerce market has touched new heights compared to the achievements of desktop or mobile websites because of the strong role played by mobile apps. The way people are using mobile devices has changed and today people spend 2-3 hours on mobile apps compared to viewing desktops. Again, when it comes to shoppers, 70% of them prefer to visit the store on mobile apps rather than opening a website on the mobile device.

There are a number of reasons why you should plan to develop your eCommerce business around mobile apps and the same has been explained below:

People like mobile apps compared to mobile browsers

Whether the responsive mobile websites are better or the mobile apps are advantageous has always been a question of debate. As seen above, the majority of users love to use mobile apps compared to browsers. This does not mean that mobile browsers are not of good quality or usability. It is just a practice to open the app compared to visiting a browser. Moreover, for the users, it is more convenient to use an eCommerce application compared to going through a website.

Reduced response time

Whether you are using a website or a mobile application, the main concern for the users is to know how well it performs. When you compare the time taken by an action to be completed by a mobile application or a website, you will see that the former one does it faster as it stores data partially on the device. Just like the websites, mobile applications are also connected with the servers, but here, data transmission takes places ten times less than the websites. Moreover, it is possible to set default preferences for the users within the apps and so only the part of the content which the user wants is loaded. This saves a lot of time for the users.

It offers marketing channel with direct customer interaction

Through the use of different mobile devices, people today remain in constant touch with the brands. The way people stay connected with the brands, browse the products or services and shop has changed greatly. With more number of consumers depending on mobile devices for different day-to-day activities, including these devices into the marketing strategy becomes inevitable for businesses. Such apps can greatly influence the way people interact with brands.

It is important that the brands should work towards offering a consistent involvement through mobile apps to get the best from connected customers. More than just being a medium to stay connected with the brand, this work as an excellent platform to deliver deals and coupons to the users.

Enhanced UX

Whether your store will work well or not completely depends on the way it is presented to the audience. When a user visits a site, they want to get access to the things they are looking for in the simplest manner. In terms of layout, mobile apps have a limited area. This means that mobile apps need to present only the most relevant elements on the screen. This very much improves the user experience. With not much to distract the users within that screen space, the users get to easily choose what they want and complete the checkout quickly. This makes eCommerce app shopping easy for them and they will eventually keep coming back to the app.

Increased revenues

With the increased use of smartphones, mobile apps are considered to be user-friendly and easy to be managed. Compared to the websites or mobile sites, mobile apps are said to offer better satisfaction to the customers and this clearly impacts the sales. So if the apps offer better functionality, they will be capable to attract more customers. Increased customers will lead to increased sales. Again, the use of push notifications can help the business to deliver any new deals or products instantly without having to wait for the customers to visit the app. This will lead to increased and immediate sales.

Lower cart abandonment rate

The increased rate of shopping cart abandonment is considered as one of the main issues with eCommerce business. For a business, encouraging the users to choose an item and add into the shopping cart is one thing and persuading them to complete the checkout process is another thing. The rate of cart abandonment is high and 69.23% as per Baymard. There is a number of ways to tackle this issue for an eCommerce business and one of the effective measures is to come up with an eCommerce app.

eCommerce apps come with an easy checkout process which makes them better in terms of lesser cart abandonment rates. Here the users can complete the process within a single click as here shipping and payment information is stored within the system. This way the users do not get diverted from what they are doing into unnecessary areas.

It is true that people won’t complete the purchase process if they have no idea what they need in the first place. So for the same, the best place to get this job done is visiting the desktop version of the website compared to the mobile apps. This means if the users are on the mobile phone and browsing products, they already know what they need.

Ensure continuous visibility to customers

One of the main reasons why eCommerce businesses go for mobile app development is because it offers better brand visibility. It becomes important for the businesses to offer app experiences which are best in quality as more number of customers today spend hours using mobile applications. Ensure you leave a lasting impression on the customers by making use of right branding tactics during the UI/UX designs of an eCommerce app development. You need to reach your customers and answer their queries quickly to make the app experience all the more effective.

For a brand, it will become easy to know and react to the pain points of the customers by knowing the brands better. One of the best ways to know the customers better and boost conversions is through social media sharing.

Brand recognition and increased conversion rates

In the eCommerce business, mobile app development plays a key role in building a strong engagement between the customers and brand. This means businesses can work towards building effective mobile apps which comes with excellent features enough to attract users.

When it comes to marketing, word of mouth promotion always works. So work towards having proper social media platforms integrated into the application. The social network of brands can be used by the users to share their favorites, offer their views on customer experience while the brands can easily ask for feedback.

Such efforts will offer brand recognition and this will help the business entity to attract more traffic to the site in the form of potential customers. The chances of conversions are better when the potential customers are able to carry out the task of adding products to the shopping cart and buying them seamlessly. So, if the conversion rates will increase this will, in turn, offer you higher ROI.

Higher average on order value

It is a fact that mobile apps bring in more revenue compared to desktop sites and mobile sites. This happens because of the availability of three factors which are push notifications, easy payment methods, and one-click ordering. When using mobile apps, you can easily choose to make payment using credit or debit card, e-wallets like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal. You can easily have a higher number of payment systems added to your mobile application.

Customer loyalty

When it comes to bonding with the customers, mobile apps play a crucial role for brands. There were days when billboards, website banners, social media ads, roadside banners, as well as email marketing were enough to attract users. Today, mobile eCommerce apps are doing well in this area by keeping a constant engagement with the users so as to let them know better about the brands.

With users more inclined towards using apps and spending more time in there, it would be wise if brands use this opportunity to offer contact information, product details and visible call to actions.

There are a number of ways in which you can boost customer loyalty. Some of them are:

  • Using push notifications to inform about the deals or the new products now available.
  • Offering relevant suggestions to customers based on their past searches.
  • Offering a consistent design and layout to the customers within the app.
  • Offering loyalty programs to the customers to encourage regular sales.
  • Ensuring to have good and continuous communication with the customers.

Data analytics

Using the mobile application it is possible to collect valuable information about the customers as well as track them. You can continuously track the users and try to know their needs and market demands. Such a step will let the brand to come up with customized content, update the products based on consumer needs, build an advanced marketing strategy and implement effective campaigns.

Wrapping it up

Whether we are looking at the revenue generation rate for the businesses or the ease of shopping offered to online shoppers, mobile apps have a key role to play. With a single touch, users can explore much and find what they want in just a few seconds. More than just working on revenue generation, mobile apps focus on other aspects of the business too. So if your business is yet to have a mobile application and explore its usability, it is high time to work in this area.

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