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Immersive Social Media and Interactive Products

social-media-networksSometimes, it becomes rather difficult to draw a clear-cut boundary between the physical world that people live in and the virtual world in which they interact. There is no doubt that the networked world is here to stay and is going to change the way we conduct almost every aspect of our daily lives. Convergence between the digital and physical worlds is therefore going to change:

  • social media interaction
  • shopping experiences
  • information dissemination
  • marketing and branding campaigns
  • analytics of behaviors in the web world and so on.

This is where immersive social media and interactive products come into play. Every business that wants to make a huge future for itself in a world that is going to be driven by augmented reality must therefore look at adopting game changing digital technologies.

Immersive social media


Immersive technology, as the term denotes, actually allows an individual to immerse himself or herself in a simulated world. This involves the use of technology to harness 5 dimensions of the human world, namely:

  • vision
  • audio
  • touch
  • olfactory senses and even
  • flavors.

When it comes to immersive social media, it is really about augmented reality and allows every individual in the world to be a tangible and physical part of a virtual world. There are extremely interesting design technologies that go into making such social immersive media. Interestingly, technology that is used here can bring about an emotional response in individuals and can even be designed after taking into account social behaviors of an individual.

Interactive products


Digital interactive products are indeed going to change the way a consumer relates to a particular experience or a brand. The good old "flat world" of interacting with customers via things like email, television commercials and print media are perhaps going to come to an end real soon.

Because, with interactive products, a business organization or anyone with a message can use the following technologies and products to make a powerful impact:

  • holograms
  • interactive air displays
  • gesture control displays
  • projections of various kinds and
  • touch screens on a multitude of surfaces.

Such interactive products not only make communication and relationships easier and more interesting but can also add a rich layer of user engagement. For instance, take the case of a business manager or business owner making a presentation to a large crowd.

Conventionally, this would involve videos playing in the background, projector screens and making presentations of various kinds. But if there was an interactive product such as a multi touch screen that was established behind the speaker then he can control his content simply by making the right gestures and make it all that much more visually appealing.

Interactive holograms can also be deployed in such a situation where everybody will then relate to the content or information with a sense of belonging. Whether it is art installations or business content, such interactive digital products can indeed add an interesting dimension to it all.

Immersive social media and interactive products are indeed here to stay. Hence interactive CMS vendors are going to make a huge difference when it comes to the way business organizations are going to interact with their customers in the future.

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