How to Be Sure Your Colocation Facility is Secure?

Ensure Colocation Facility Security

The proliferation of information technology and the infusion of the internet into almost every facet of our daily lives has created a need for space and security for internet hosts and data servers. Colocation facilities are an answer for this need. Customers who need bandwidth for their operations, space for their equipment and security for their networks will look toward a colocation facility for these needs. These data centers are extremely important to those businesses and agencies who employ them and their security is of the utmost concern. How can you be sure your colocation facility is secure? Keeping in mind the following suggestions when choosing a colocation facility can help ensure that you've chosen one that will keep your computer systems and information safe and secure.

Physical Security

The primary security measure for any colocation facility will be a secure building and location. Computer systems and equipment that can not be physically accessed make it all the more difficult to sabotage, destroy or infiltrate. Whether a facility houses multiple servers for multiple clients the outside of the building and grounds are monitored through video surveillance. Access to the building should be restricted to pertinent personnel and clients only. This should be controlled through the issuance of identification cards that grant access or some high-end facilities will utilize voice or fingerprint recognition software the gain access to the building.

Larger facilities that do house more than one client should also have storage cabinets or cages that can lock around each client's servers to prevent even those with secure access to the overall building from tampering with other data servers. Your colocation facility should also have a sophisticated and functioning sprinkler system and smoke detectors to help protect against fire damage.

Power and Information Security

Power outages can be a threat to clients who rely on their data servers for their operations to function. A colocation facility should have a contingency plan in the form of back-up power in the event a power outage occurs. Some will have batteries or generators that run on diesel fuel that can keep operations running and refueled in case a power outage lasts for a prolonged period of time. Information security in the form of data back-ups are extremely important as well in order to ensure that no important information is lost if there are technical or power interruptions. In addition to these measures an on-site engineer that can personally ensure that all systems are repaired and running properly is also a valuable security measure.

Temperature Regulation

Heat generated from use is an unavoidable byproduct of electronics. Even personal electronics like laptops or tablets get extremely hot after continuous use. This heat, if not mitigated or regulated, can be extremely harmful to the devices and their contents. The heat generated and the possibility of problems occurring because of it is compounded when multiple high powered data servers are housed under one roof. Colocation facilities need to keep the internal environment of the building cool using air conditioning systems to regulate the internal temperature while at the same time keeping moisture, another enemy of electronics, at bay.

Inquiring to find out if a colocation facility provides the type of security mentioned above will help you be sure that your valuable IT systems and information is safe.

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