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How Mobile Marketing Can Help You Reach Potential Costumers

mobile-marketingMobile marketing is a great way to reach out to a bigger audience. It’s rare to find somebody in today’s world who doesn’t have a mobile phone, a smart phone, tablet computer, iPod or other gadget with web connectivity.

Whenever developing content for sources linked to mobile marketing, ensure that you keep your information brief and absolutely simple to understand. Viewers should immediately understand what your information is and be able to absorb this quickly.

How a mobile app helps you in your mobile marketing strategy?

With so many new smartphones entering the market every day, mobile apps can certainly play a significant part in complementing the mobile marketing strategy of a company. There are many ways a business can use mobile apps to enhance their sales.

One of the most common strategy is using SMS and the mobile web. Other techniques include ad-supported promotions, in-application micro-payments, pay-per-download, app subscription features, direct push messages about upcoming events and discounts and so on. Mobile apps provide brands a ready income source, as well as a rich media experience for the user.

How to develop a mobile app?

There are two methods of app creation you can choose:

  • Develop the app yourself
  • Hire a freelance app developer (cost average: $300-500).

There are pros and cons to each of these methods.

For the first, you will need to have the time and possess patience and a real focus on detail. You will also need to have certain pieces of equipment and software to help you.

When your mobile app is done, you will need to test it and get it past the Apple app review process. This can take time and again will require persistence. But the reward will be that you have created an app which can be given away or sold, to either drive traffic to your site, or to add an additional stream of income through the revenue earned from the sales of the app.

If you don’t have the necessary equipment, not to worry. Your second option is to hire a freelancer to create your app.

You don’t even have to be a developer or a tech whiz of any sort to create your niche’s dream app. You can simply write down your specifications for what you want your app to do and to look like. You can easily hire a coder through one of the top freelance sites to build your app for you.

Let’s now discuss how you can reach a broader audience by using a mobile app

– Reaching potential clients via SMS

The most common form of mobile marketing is sending out bulk SMS. Messages linked to offers and new services can be sent to potential clients. Businesses need to first compile a database of the potential customer’s phone numbers that can be used for this strategy. Due to limitation related to character limit, text message advertising is mainly used to provide offers to the shoppers. You can even offer customers with the option of ’subscribe to SMS’ service within your website. This technique will help you increase your database and the people who subscribe to such services will reflect higher potential of becoming your customer.

– Reaching clients through MMS

Another mobile marketing strategy is advertising through the MMS (media messaging services). MMS can include images or audio tracks in the message. It can be a useful medium for promotions. Use of press objects may grab a lot of attraction when compared to normal textual content when it comes to mobile marketing. Usually all the mobile devices support multimedia messaging features. MMS promotions can generate outstanding success for your business.

– Using Emails

Businesses must focus on creating emails which are compatible with mobile phones, by this I mean the particular graphics used and the back-links which direct the users to specific site, included in the email needs to be supported by the mobile device. Benefit of using emails is that you can supply better information to your clients. It’s also wise to see to it that additional information available regarding your business ought to be accessible through mobile devices along with features like maps exhibiting your organization address and especially your site.

– Using Bar-codes

Mobile advertising may also be linked to the use of bar code scanners. Through Mobile marketing initiatives you’ll be able to deliver your message no matter what the geographical location of your customer is. Webpages for mobile devices are different as compared to desktop viewing web pages. You can therefore opt for mobile compatible web features and ads.

– Displaying advertisements through applications

From regular phones consumers are now moving towards smartphones. The best feature about smartphones is that they usually work with a number of web based applications. The brand new trend is to display ads within an application. So every time a user accesses an application over his/her mobile, these ads run in a specific column and can be viewed from there. Most applications support them as a medium for advertising. This sort of mobile marketing can also be witnessed in mobile games. You can also supply hyperlinks to divert people to your site.

Applications and game titles are available as per their class like business, travelling, socializing and much more. This gives you an opportunity to attempt targeted mobile marketing. Apart from advertising through application you may even consider creating an application to provide instant details to your customers.

– Some points to consider

Personalize your mobile-marketing messages. Sometimes businesses will fail to change the messages, which results in a message that is taken for spam. Should you simply use the actual subscribers name within the information, you will find a better response which will yield much better results.

You have to make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your distribution list. Most companies add a few commands at the end of their very own messages: for instance, a customer may unsubscribe by texting again ‘stop’. You must use an easy command and offer clear instructions on how to unsubscribe from your campaign.

You are going to make the most of mobile marketing benefits by keeping your loyal customers informed about things that are going on within your organization. This could be new products, product sales and other things that you believe would catch their interest and get them back to your site.

Every single day, more and more people are accessing the web through their cellular devices. So it’s time to reach out to these potential customers for bigger and better profits.

Alix Ranson is blogger at Mappsolutely. He likes to blog about mobile technology, reviews and updates in smartphone applications.

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