How can IT Professionals Develop their Careers for IoT and Deal with Big data?

IoT or Internet of Things is the upcoming revolution in the digital world and is likely to produce more than 20.8 billion devices by 2020. This branch of technology is capturing the IT sector rapidly and is seeking competent candidates to fulfill the increasing demand. The Internet of Things has produced charismatic products and in the present year has devices more than the people residing in the world. Smartphones were capable to connect the people from various corners of the world. Now, IoT has the capability to connect every living and non-living things effortlessly with extreme brilliance.

Big Data and IoT

Big data is a huge set of data that needs a skillful professional to deal with the revealing patterns, associations, and trends, which are related to human interactions and behavior. The IT sector is evolving in a great way but lacks proficient professional, who is capable of handling and developing the devices related to IoT. Hence, it is important to take up the opportunity and brace you with proper knowledge and skills to become an IoT engineer. As per the latest trend, the data analytics and big data are booming with enhanced opportunities for the IT professionals. It is best to grab the opportunity and prove your skills to enjoy huge remuneration amidst a creative working ambiance.

Developing a Career in IoT

IoT is booming and the world is ready to witness greater changes in the coming years. Hence, if you want to embrace this as a career option you should prepare the same from the beginning of the career. The industrialists are seeking personnel, who will manage to design a product that will successfully and securely connect the devices. This can only be accomplished if you understand the area well. When you say IoT developer, it’s not only a stream of technology or a position in an office. IoT involves a broader area of technology like networking, cloud programming, security, system engineering, and hardware device programming. To understand it in a better way, let’s see the procedure of developing an IoT device:

  • The hardware needs to be assembled, which can be accomplished successfully by an engineer or device programmer.

  • The device needs programming so it can efficiently transfer the data to the server.

  • The server also needs proper programming so it can receive and store the data from the device easily. This step can be accomplished if the developer has knowledge of the side languages like ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, or Node.js.

  • The final step involves showcasing the data to the customers with the help of proper app or web page. This can be done by web development experts, who are aware of the languages like HTML, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or any other framework.

How to Crack the Career as an IoT Developer

It is quite evident from the aforementioned points that earning the position of an IoT device developer is not a path of roses. But it can be obtained if you can achieve certain qualities, which are as follows:

  • Get an Intensified Idea of Sensors

The wireless communication and sensors are an integral part of the IoT devices. Hence, the developers must be aware of the same without any exception. The position can be achieved easily if you are from the background of electrical or computer engineering.

  • User Interface: The Most Important Criteria

The purpose of developing a high-end product is to offer unmatched user experience. Hence, you must thrive to offer top-notch experience to the customers.

  • JavaScript or Python

It is essential to have a sound knowledge of JavaScript or Python, as it offers an ideal platform, where the newly introduced data can interact well with the existing ones.

  • Get Your Hands on Raspberry Pi

It is a simple yet effective device that teaches the fundamentals of circuits and their linking.

  • Engaging with a Productive Community

It is important to get yourself attached to a community of inventors, makers, and entrepreneurs, who will help explore the field in a great way.

  • Keep the Skills Updated

It is not suggested to learn the techniques and rest. The world is changing and you should be competent enough to stand up to the expectation of your employers.

Tackling Big Data as an IoT Developer

The vast arena of technology is based upon the platform of big data, which has greater scopes of improvement and adding influence to it. Hence, it is important to be aware of the ways to handle the big data before moving towards sophisticated technology. In the process, it is best to rely on the human skills rather than depending upon the machines for the sorting of the huge data. Adding Big Data analytics solutions as a part of your curriculum will benefit your career as an IoT developer. This will also aid you to understand the changing digital environment in an efficient way.

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