Getting the Most Out of Your CRM Software Demonstrations

CRMCRM software is designed to help you provide better solutions to your clients while improving the various processes in your company. However, most companies do not make proper use of CRM software and the problem starts right with the CRM software demonstrations.

Ideally, CRM software demonstrations are done to help you understand the loopholes that exist in your company like no or very little automation in processes, not enough trained individuals. Most people who are given the CRM software demonstration never understand how the parts left out from the demonstration will have an impact on the overall system.

Today, we will look at the CRM software demonstrations and explain how to get the best out of them.

  • Ask for a customized demonstration

The biggest issue with most software demonstrations is that most companies adopt a strategy which is all fireworks and not enough substance. Such demonstration shows what the capabilities of the CRM software are and does not give enough information on how the system will affect your company. The best way is to ask the company to present a demonstration that is customized and tailor-made to your needs. This will help you understand the real-world applications of the software.

  • Select the essentials and the cosmetics

Each software solution is divided into two parts - the essentials and the cosmetics. For example, if you are installing the Windows operating system, the essentials will be the basic services that operate all the hardware and all the software in your computer. The cosmetics would be themes, desktop colors, animated icons etc. Similarly, when asking for a customized demonstration, classify each service as an essential or a cosmetic. Remember, if you do not feel that the service is at the heart of your requirement, then it is a cosmetic.

  • Do not go for every service marketed

The biggest trap companies fall in is that they select every service they feel that they may use in the future. However, this is a mistake, as you will never know what your requirements one year down the line will be. Again, this is where customization helps. Select services that are critical to your goals and put in a clause with the vendor so that you can get discounted prices on any future additions.

  • Create a core group from each department

In order to get the best out of the demonstration, always create a core group from each department. This group should consist of base level employees and managerial staff who would be the people instrumental in running the day-to-day operations for that department.

  • Look at every aspect of the technology

Another mistake people make is that they focus only on the simple stuff and forget about the hard-to-do things. Any technology always has to focus on both the simple and the hard-to-do stuff. If the CRM software can handle both easily, then it will provide you with better returns on your investment.

  • Always get different vendors for the demonstration

The ideal way to select the best CRM software is to get a demonstration from different vendors. Always note down the positives and negatives of different vendors. This will help you make an informed decision.

Always remember that in order to get the best product, you have to give the vendor some leeway to prepare their best product for your use. At the end of the day, they are the experts and you should work hand-in-hand with them.

If you have any questions, please ask below!