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ERP Trends

“A good ERP is more than just good software. It involves an institutional commitment to connecting people, processes and resources.” – James Young

The year 2018 has witnessed some immense ERP success all over the globe. Organizations, belonging to a variety of segments and sizes, have understood and leveraged the potential of ERP software solutions. Mobile ERP solutions are undoubtedly, an indispensable ingredient in the world of modern business. With the involvement of latest advancements like cloud-based computing and AI, the demand for usage of ERP solutions has witnessed an upsurge on a big scale.

Implementing an ERP software solution successfully is one of the greatest challenges an organization could possibly face. Hence, it becomes very important for organizations to keep an eye on what is happening in the ERP arena, around the globe. Studying patterns, analyzing reports, understanding trends is important for both – implementing a new ERP solution as well as managing an already existing one successfully.

“There is nothing permanent but change”. So truly said. Huge changes are happening in every industry, ERP industry being nothing different. Looks like 2019 has been quite a stimulating year for ERP solutions. Here are some trends that have been doing the rounds, all over, in this year 2019:

ERP Trends 2019 That Are Visibly Popular, World Over

  • Moving Towards the Cloud

Almost all software solutions, that you see, are now leveraging the potential of cloud computing. ERP systems took a little while to unleash the potential of the cloud, but this year sees a drastic increase in adaption to cloud-based computing. Newer ERP implementations are witnessing cloud adoptions, be it any segment or size of business.

Organizations are relieved of maintaining their own systems, thereby almost eliminating the requirement for an IT staff in-house. This helps enterprises to implement ERP systems with lesser resources and within a stipulated budget, with the same quality output. Cloud-based ERP software is mostly the most preferred choice for enterprises. It is no longer a question of whether to opt for it or not. This year faces the question of how soon enterprises will go in for that.

  • Offering More Bespoke Solutions

It is the customer’s world after all. Today, the ERP solutions are targeted towards a specific industry so that they can evade customization and confirm that they stay abreast of the latest advancements. Right from start, enterprises seek ERP solutions that adhere to what they need rather than implementing it and then tailoring it. Customized ERP solutions are the future, says the year 2019. Experts witness a higher success ratio with customized ERP solutions so that there is less work later.

Organizations are understanding the fact that configuring an ERP solution may turn out to be costly with the maintenance of huge IT teams. Instead, customizing it during the initial phase itself would result in minimal IT support while implementation and thereafter. 2019 is witnessing customer-centric customization of ERP with latest technological advancements like IoT, AI, data analytics, etc.

  • Digitization is the Key

Organizations have begun to understand that only implementing an ERP solution isn’t going to work. Digitizing the entire solution and seamlessly integrating it with most modern methods and technologies like BI, IoT, cloud computing, predictive analytics, etc. is essential. Blockchain, AI, machine learning, and other technologies have finally started to become conventional as the large ERP systems get established in these extents. These contemporary techniques have become popular and beneficial, in many ways, in current times and for the future to come.

Today, enterprises are focusing on preparing a detailed digitally empowered implementation plan right in the start, so that there are no chances of losing grip at the crucial moment in the final lap. Thorough planning, in the beginning, will lead to a smooth and exhaustive usage of the ERP solution by organizations.

  • Emphasis on Security Measures

As the positives in technology advance, so do the negatives. Security and data breaches are most common in organizations that avail the potential of enterprise IT solutions. And when it comes to a huge implementation such as an ERP software solution, there are further chances of security lapses. There was lesser focus on this earlier but today, organizations have targeted increased attention on this arena. There are well thought of security measures that are defined, right from the beginning and are very much, a part of the entire project. These security mechanisms are implemented in such a way that they protect the user information to the finest, without any disturbance to the usability and availability of the system.

  • BI and Big Data Taking Priority

Only capturing data and displaying it isn’t enough now. Today, ERP solutions are leveraging the full potential of business intelligence, big data, and data analytics. Organizations are enhancing their operating efficiency, sales, and productivity by delving deeper into their huge bulk of data and extracting the best of information from it. The world today wants meaningful, real-time data analysis that helps increase human competences.

Today’s ERP software solutions are supposed to integrate seamlessly with the BI and Big Data features, to provide real-time insight into information. There will have to be visually appealing reports/dashboards, intuitive reports, meaningful and in-depth information, available from all modules of ERP that can traverse easily within modules and departments.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Involvement

Today’s globe is driven by social media. Digital marketing is a key functional area in any organization’s success path. Looking at the rate at which social media and digital marketing are getting involved in business success, today’s ERP solutions have started including those as their optional modules. As a marketing necessity, organizations may now leverage the ERP to gather links, manage leads, track customer activity, analyse customer engagement, etc.

  • Instinctive UI / UX and Responsive Design

As organizations get increasingly involved in ERP systems, there will be an increasing number of stakeholders that use the system. Today’s generation of users is more used to a different way of technology like touch-screen sensitive, mobile devices of varied sizes, etc. The new era of ERP solutions is seeing newer interfaces getting built to offer a richer and responsive user interface and experience to its user base.

  • Increasing Number of SMEs Investing in ERP Systems

This year seems to show a steep increase in the number of SMEs going in for ERP solutions. SMBs are now increasingly investing in ERP solutions, understanding the limitations and complications of legacy systems. ERP systems, were once, implemented by a large conglomerate, but not anymore. ERP is now becoming affordable to small and medium-sized businesses that are all set to modernize and manage their business processes.

  • Leveraging and Combining the Power of IoT with ERP Solutions

Implementation of IoT devices is growing like crazy. Integrating IoT with ERP systems is sure to garner a lot many benefits like real-time reachability, in-depth know-how about processes, effective cost management, empowering business people with smart and instant decisions, to name a few. ERP systems ought to get smarter and intelligent, thanks to IoT.

  • Mobile Driven Approach-ability is a Must

Today, everything and everyone is on the mobile. Mobile devices are inevitable and hence its seamless integration into ERP software solutions is a must. Today’s ERP solutions have become mobile-centric, since the users mostly operate from their smart devices. Of course, with it, comes various security risks associated but today’s solutions take that into priority and cater to it, right from inception. BYOD policies are being implemented to garner safe and smooth mobile experience to users.

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Summing It All

Depending on what we have read above, this year is sure to bring revolutionary changes in the way ERP solutions are implemented and operated. Possibly, the basic model remains the same but its integration with the latest advancements, security measures, UI, UX, and data analytics is witnessing an upsurge in its development.

Prior to getting involved in an ERP software solution, it is imperative for users to research well on what trends and technologies are popular today in the market. Which products to choose, what integrations to perform, what security risks to ascertain, which features to include and what not, are some of the key areas to be researched well.

These trends help in watching each area with perfection and not missing any of them. Though it is not necessary that each of them will apply to your organization, but it does offer a good pointer. After all, choosing the apt ERP solution and ERP service provider is the main crux of the entire project.

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