Decoding Data Science in India

Industry and companies within the industry are evolving and the amount of data they deal with is increasing day by day. This gave birth to the term big data. But the data from this was highly unstructured and the demand to have a meaningful structure data gave rise to new data analytic tools like python, R, SaaS, Spark, etc. Now we again get back to understand what data science is. Data science is the entire process of collecting the data, organizing the data, processing the data and finally presenting the data into actionable items.

Data science is the art of analysis the unstructured big data to form patterns and trends which can be used as business cases to better our structure and delivery. Data science is the universe which contains machine learning, computer analytics, traditional computation and research, mathematics and statistical tools. These all combine together to form an integral part of data science. Without all these data science do not exists. Data science was rated as the sexiest job of the 21stcentury by Harvard Business Review. This gave the rise to a lot of people seeking to pursue a job in data science. Hence the job role data scientist came into force. The average salary for a data scientist is around 75 lakhs per annum. There is a huge demand for skilled data scientist around the world. A lot of people are pursuingdata science certification courses as their technical education as a data scientist role demands this.

In India, which is the verge of a complete digitalization, data science is an important aspect of how data is processed and delivered. The government has made it as a mandate for everything that we own to be linked to an Adhaar number, which is a unique identifier for a person. This digital data, when collected across the country, turn into big data. This data when processed will give us the economic and population insights of our country. This will be presented in a way to address the concerns faced by the people in the country. So our government is also the biggest customer of data science. Here, the government has sourced every process to IT companies who are the vendors handling the data processing part.

Data science encapsulated programming skills, analytical skills, data mining skills and business acumen. The data scientist job can sound attractive but it is a tedious job. Most of the data science jobs require an in-depth understanding of python, machine learning, and spark. All these again depends on which medium you are going to interact with the data. Most of them prefer to get an advanced python certification course for data analyticsbefore starting with data science.

Most of the analytics company work with data scientists as the primary business is to analyze and present the data finds. Machine learning is gaining popularity due to the increase in AI optimization around different industries. Companies like Mckinsey and PwC have recruited a lot of data scientist in the past one year. It is very important for us to look at the bigger picture of what data science and analytics are taking us towards. Most of us have a wrong idea about the roles and responsibilities of a data scientist. A data scientist is not a person who codes, he is not a person who does analytics and not a person who tells stories but he is a person who does all the three together. The skill aspect of a data scientist lies in the fact on decoding the given information, giving attention to details, providing business-level insights and changing the way how a business operates through his findings.

Finally, in India, there is a huge demand for data science and data analytics role. It is not always about the attractive package, but it is about our passion for data and analytics. If you are someone who hates numbers, data science may not be your piece and also if you are not someone who can mine data at the deepest level but not able to connect the dots and look at the bigger picture, again data science is not your cup of coffee. Figure out your passion and dream to scale heights. Being a data scientist is one such thing.

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