Comindware Tracker Review

Comindware trackerComindware tracker is a new-generation software developed by Comindware, for workflow automation and business process management. This program brings a new approach to business management processes by enhancing easy and flexible implementation of various business tasks at minimal costs. It cuts across all phases of modern corporate businesses including IT operations, finance and administration, compliance and policy, human resources, software development, market operations, sales operations and education.

The tracker makes it very easy to build business processes. You can now use the graphical workflow builder to visually design business process workflows using drag-and-drop simplicity. It des not require any advanced coding. Processes which work well can also be shared across departments and teams, or even scheduled as recurring workflows. The software gives users maximum flexibility in adapting to very unpredictable cases. It enables people to instantly create ad-hoc tasks on their workflow steps whenever a new event does not fit into an existing process. The user doesn't need to redesign the entire workflow again or create a totally new one to just address a one-time issue.

Unlike other business programs, Comindware Tracker enables users to kick off any business process even if some steps are missing, and then incorporate additional components when they become clear. The user doesn't have to wait until the last minute to start off things. Processes are usually deployed step by step. The tracker also makes it easy to apply changes in business processes, including adding additional steps or new assignees without interfering with the entire process. Modifications can be made in real-time using Form Builders and the Graphical workflow without necessarily involving an IT specialist.

Comindware tracker offers a large collection of extra features including a simple BPM, cutting edge workflow automation features, Team task management options, Real-time reporting, API integrations, and GUI user experience. It is developed with top notch security giving users a chance to define who can see what. It literally integrates granular security permissions and controls at every level. The user can set and adjust the rules to limit access and visibility to specific workspaces and processes. All the critical data is always under firewall. Its permission levels include owners, members, viewers and requesters. To back up the security, administrators can use their supreme privileges to keep track on any access and permission changes. All updates in security settings as well as in user management are immediately availed to them.

To avoid data loss, the company provide an easy-to configure back-up system as well as a disaster recovery feature. It offers a single-click backup for file attachments, databases and utilities for restoring data. Instead of maintaining separate databases, users can save money, efforts and time by using the internal graph database on the Comindware tracker. If you want to integrate the software with your Microsoft active directory, the software offers a convenient single sig-on feature to let you automatically log in from your computer

Business users can easily take advantage of the Comindware cloud benefits for cloud storage and operations. They can instantly setup the Comindware tracker software as a cloud service and have their data is fully protected by amazon cloud with no installation and maintenance required.

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