8 Reasons Why American Firms Are Looking to Companies in the Ukraine for Offshore Software Development

tgy45g6yFor most successful companies, a portion of their work will need to go to an outside vendor to help improve efficiency and keep profits at high levels. Firms that need proprietary software developed and that don’t have a dedicated team of developers on staff can take advantage of the partnership opportunities with an offshore development team. Before your company makes a decision about where to source your development, you should learn about the top regions of the world that specialize in this field. Here are eight reasons why the Ukraine is the hot spot for offshore software development this year.

1. Growing IT Industry

The first thing to know about the Ukraine is that it’s currently experiencing a renaissance in its IT industry. More companies than ever are investing in this Eastern European nation and finding out how much business is booming in the region. Some experts predict that this region is the next big area for technology innovation and enterprise.

2. Numerous Talented Nationals

Another reason why the Ukraine is such an attractive spot for American companies looking for offshore developers is the sheer number of talented IT professionals. The importance of the IT industry in the last few years has created a huge demand for talented developers in this region. Universities in the country have stepped up to help prepare more graduates with the necessary software development and IT skills to meet the needs of the North American firms. There is a constant supply of talented new graduates coming through the pipelines looking for challenging projects.

3. Strong Commitment to Technology Education

Throughout the country, educational institutions have responded to the software development companies’ needs by investing more into technology education. Universities are expanding their program offerings to help prepare Ukrainians to secure jobs in technology, science, engineering, and math fields. Even grammar schools and secondary schools are responding to the demand by revamping their programs to make the citizens of this country more able to get great jobs after graduation.

4. Prevalence of English Speakers

American companies feel confident when choosing Ukrainian software developers because communication is typically not an issue. More people in the younger generations of the country have a solid understanding of English. Like most Europeans, Ukrainians typically take English classes during their years at school to make their job prospects more attractive. This way, American firms and companies in the Ukraine will have an easier time of working together.

5. Commitment to Quality

In the Ukraine, an American company can also benefit from the culture’s commitment to quality. The people of this nation are dedicated to doing things the right way and avoid taking shortcuts to save time or money. Your organization can feel confident by choosing an offshore software development company, such as Redwerk, to help you achieve more stateside.

6. Cost Effectiveness

American firms choose to partner with offshore software developers most often to help control rising costs. If your small business doesn’t have the capability to develop a small number of software titles, it makes better financial sense to outsource it. Your firm can save a bundle on hiring pricey American software developers and putting together a team of IT professionals this way. Instead, you can simply develop a project-based approach and use your offshore firm to take care of things.

7. Focus on Research and Development

Companies in North America also appreciate the focus on research and development in Ukraine. The current atmosphere in the Eastern European nation is ripe in innovation and new ideas. Your project can benefit from these refreshing points of view with stronger capability and more breakthrough technology.

8. Strong Work Ethic and Sense of Pride

Finally, American companies that have used offshore Ukrainian partners have also touted the region’s strong sense of pride and the people’s solid work ethic. There is a deep commitment to quality and putting in lots of effort from the people of this nation. Companies with complex software problems can take advantage of these cultural norms and get more out of their solutions.

When you need to team up with an offshore developer, consider choosing a company located in the Ukraine to help your business reach its goals. You could save more money and get a great software product that rivals the competition.

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