What is a shrink wrap machine used for?

ferfetwwtShrink wrapping is a process in which an item of a group of items are wrapped in a loose plastic film, shrinks when applied with heat and tightly takes the shape of the enclosed products.

Shrink wrap machine is a multipurpose material that is very adaptable and has been revolutionized in the packaging industry. Shrink wrap, due to its capability to create an airtight barrier when heat is applied, is largely used by many shippers, manufacturers, industries, governments and even banks.

The application of shrink wrap machine is almost endless because of the availability of various forms of thickness, transparency, and strength that can be used in small or enormous jobs.

There are so many benefits of shrink wrap machines and that includes:


Shrink wrap machine is mainly used for packaging items. Shrink wrap is well-known to wrap and package anything! From the smallest item or food produced item to large building materials and can even wrap an entire building. There is nothing that a shrink wrap machine cannot wrap. Since shrink wrap is versatile, there are many packaging machines and system that has been developing to go well with any criteria proposed by any business.


Shrink wrap protects any product or item due to the heat applied to shrink wrapping, a very tight seal is created. Such plastic seal will fully protect the content or item that is shrink-wrapped. Once it is sealed, the item or product is no longer at risk of any damage that is caused by moisture, dirt or dust. There are even other types of shrink wrap machine that have UV Rays Protection, keeping the items


Products or items subjected to shrink wrapping are sealed and retain its shape. So, if there is any tampering, it will be immediately noticed. Because of this, most pharmaceutical companies, as well as food manufacturers, now uses shrink wrap machine to package their products. There are even types of shrink wrap machine that is used by some government and banks that changes color when the plastic was stretched to show that the product or item has been tampered or touched.


Even though shrink wrap is thin, it is deceptively very strong, especially if several layers of shrink wrap is coiled together and creates a stronger, tighter bond. Because shrink wraps are made from a very durable and sturdy plastic, it is quite difficult to puncture or tear. Not like other packaging materials, shrink wrap, when exposed to extreme cold or in the sun, does not become brittle, loosen or sag.


Some shrink wrap machine has added features to them where you can add logos, pictures words, colors or design in the plastic that helps in promoting your products. From the production floor to the end users and customers that reach it, your product will be wrapped in your brand and not just in plastic. This is a powerful marketing tool that raises brand awareness and makes you more well-known and visible to customers.


Not like any other packaging materials, shrink wrap is a much affordable choice. Also, it is designed to minimize taken space and keeps bundled products together without using bulky materials like boxes. Both in transport and storage, space saved means money saved.


In the food industry, there is so much food that needs to be preserved for extended shelf life or transporting. Shrink wrap machines such as food-grade shrink wrap is the usual choice for many food manufacturing and producing companies in shrink wrapping their food products.


The advantage of shrink wrap machine to any other packaging process is that it can be used to any available size. To prevent moisture exposure, small electrical wires are usually shrink-wrapped. Candies, hardware and game pieces are all bunched and shrink wrapped. For easier transport, freights on trains and trailers are shrink-wrapped. Even entire building can be shrink-wrapped to stop chemical leaks and prevent exposure from hazardous materials.


Shrink wrap machines is also popular among publishing companies. Aside from fire and flames, water is paper’s biggest threat where moisture will be able to form in the most secure of places. Shrink wrapping books, newspaper and magazines will create a watertight seal that will let the products stay secure and dry in the longest transit period.

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