What Is A Hoarding and What Purpose Does It Serve?

Hoardings are something that we see almost every day of our lives, ranging from our morning commute to the office, to the break time walks that you take. be it advertising a product or masking a construction site while keeping us safe, hoardings are present everywhere. With the power to create a perception, most businesses generally use hoarding boards printing to position their product in a non-intrusive manner, while also bringing it to the notice of intended customers.

Their types and uses are myriad, so let us take a look into the world of hoardings by first understanding what it actually is:

A hoarding is generally classified as a large board that is erected in a public space in order to display advertisements or it could be temporary fencing that is done around a construction site, in order to promote health and safety.

Having gotten this definition out of the way now let’s talk about what is the actual purpose of putting up a hoarding?

As mentioned earlier, hoardings generally serve two kinds of purposes – on a broader spectrum, the first being marketing and the second one is for safety via construction site hoarding. However, this is a very simplistic view of its purpose so let us elaborate further upon it.

Reasons why you must have hoarding boards:

  • Marketing: It is a commonplace scenario for companies to use hoarding as a part of their advertising/marketing strategy in order to target areas that have high footfall. Advertising via hoardings is comparatively much more cost-effective than let’s say billboards. The fact of the matter is that, you can go on to create an advertising hoarding that could be simple to something that is customised and eye-catching.
  • Gaining Consumers: Continuing forth on the point mentioned above, the entire point of having an advertising hoarding is to be able to gain more consumers. When designed well, you can intrigue your customers – let’s face it any construction site that is hidden generally tends to pique our interest as you want to know what is hiding behind the construction site hoarding. So you can use this natural curiosity to your advantage by creating excitement for your product and then go on for the big announcement.
  • Enhancing Brand Recognition: A great way to increase brand recognition is with the help of hoarding boards printing since it helps in brand recall. You can take the example of how when coming up with a commercial property, retailers like to put up information regarding the shops that will be opening there. We also find property developers using hoarding boards printing as a great time to market their name. It is generally observed that the more customized and larger the hoarding is, means the more prestigious is the brand that is being advertised.
  • Construction Site – Signage: Coming on to construction site hoarding, one of the biggest purposes of doing this is to make sure that the safety and health of people who are working as well as people who might be around the construction site are kept in check. Additionally the hoarding also helps in preventing non-authorised access to the site which of course helps in separating the public from what can be billed as hazardous work. A lot of times if there is some unforeseen accident on the construction site due to lack of proper safety signage it may lead to legal complications, thus by using construction site hoarding you can avoid all the trouble.
  • Enhancing Appearance: Construction work is generally not that pretty to look at and can actually be an eyesore till the time it is not completed and all the exterior facade work is not done. Hoarding boards printing to this end, can help a great extent in enhancing the general appearance of the surrounding while creating an attractive advertising feature as well.

Thus, employing the usage of hoardings for various purposes is a common practice to achieve the end goal. Be it as a part of your marketing strategy or as a part of health and safety practices so as to avoid any sort of mishaps and eventual legal ramifications. Whatever the usage might be, one can benefit greatly from putting up hoardings, so go ahead and exercise the option for your business.

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