What Does It Take To Be A Builder?


In order to build a career in being a builder, you need to believe in yourself and come to an understanding that one needs to work from the bottom to the top in order to become successful in this field.

You will need to develop certain qualifications as well, and it starts with certain skills and attributes that may be acquired through learning. it could also simply begin as an innate skill. If you have what it takes, then you can definitely secure a builder career for life and living.

What does a builder exactly do?

To answer the question, builders are the ones who oversee a building project. They are also the ones who work on the construction of a building. At times they may take on repair projects and even renovations. Some builders are the ones who manage the whole project. They meet and arrange the construction of the building with the sub-contractors and discuss specific jobs that need to be completed at a certain time. They also try to make sure that their project meets government regulations as well as client requirements.

Part of the work requires a builder to be outdoors for most of the time. This hazardous work condition will require the builders and contractors to comply with safety regulations that are strict enough to protect its workers. This includes wearing protective attires and warning signage should be put out in certain places for all the personnel to be aware of.

How does one get started in being a builder?

A builder who had some previous experience with the tools of the trade has the biggest chance of being a builder as their career in life. Most employers in the construction industry would recommend that their builders study a building course as it will enhance his skill and help them meet the minimum requirement for education needed to apply in order to get a builder’s license.

For builders who would like to learn more of the trade, they can take a Building and Construction Certificate IV (CPC 40110). This certification requires and teaches builders how to prepare contracts, and how to estimate the cost of their projects. They will also learn how to do an ocular of their project and supervise it in order to ensure that the code in the building is standardly met. If you intend to move further in this career, you can also study to get a Diploma of Building and Construction (CPC 50210). This is preferable for those who want to supervise a different range of projects in the most practical way. Achieving that can turn one into a site manager or a project manager of the building later on.

Another thing that you need to have in order to be a builder is to get your builder’s license. Your determination on this matter shows that you are ready to take on a much bigger responsibility and that you have the ability to do so. It means you will not sub-contract a project to another licensed builder.

Every state in the US varies in their licensing and procedures. Most importantly you will need to meet certain educational requirements before you become a builder yourself. You can also a part of the certified builders association. Being associated with them gives you and your company credibility and the opportunity to network not just with other builders but also with potential clients.

What qualities do you need to become a builder?

Being a builder is its own business. For a builder to be a success story in the construction industry, you will need to possess certain qualities that can make you successful in this industry like the following:

  1. Excellent work ethic. Having a strong work ethic provides to be seen and perceived as a credible builder they can trust a project with.
  2. Your organizational skill should be exceptional.
  3. You also need to have strong mathematical skills that you know and understand how to read building plans and interpret them.
  4. Last but not the least; you will need the ability of a manual laborer. You should be able to come in handy when you will need to replace one of your men while on-site or if you need to demonstrate how certain things are to be done on site.

According to Helen Barnes, a SEEK Learning Consultant; she said that people who enjoy working with their hands and outside make the best builders. Great builders enjoy their jobs and they are highly motivated. They take pride not only in their achievement in this industry and helping his company grow.

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