What Are The Advantages Of Using Geotextiles?

Geotextiles are special polymer fabrics that are nowadays used in constructing roads, harbor works, drains and breakwaters, with uses in many other engineering projects. Although they were initially used at a larger industrial scale, homeowners are now considering it for projects around their own home. This is a great thing because geotextiles offer access to interesting advantages you may want to know about. They are presented below.


Geotextiles Advantages

There are different reasons why geotextile fabric is nowadays used, with bulk material quantities being utilized for more projects. Different variations are now available on the market, bringing in numerous advantages, including the following:

  • Increased strength when compared with woven geotextiles that utilize the exact same yarn. Because of this it is easier to lay the material on site and handling becomes simpler. Labor costs and transportation costs are reduced.
  • Tear strength is exceptionally high. If necessary, increased strength can be built right into the weft. If not, you can always go for the regular geotextiles that are available at a lower price tag.
  • Strain can be taken on right after loading because of the straight incorporation system of the geotextile.
  • Additional fabric can be incorporated in order to form composite geotextile.

Geotextile Uses

Mainly, geotextiles are utilized to build structures like the ones already mentioned. The main purposes of the structures are the following:

  • Separation

Geotextiles can separate 2 different materials like landfill material from native soil or new and old pavement. In different cases distinguishing between stabilization and separation functions is difficult since geotextiles are used in both cases as separators but the core is separation.

  • Stabilization

During such an application, geotextile is placed on wet, compressible or soft material that shows little natural strength. Geotextiles are separators allowing water moving into free draining construction soils. Natural soil consolidation is thus going to happen. Because of this consolidation process, natural soil gains strength. This offers a very strong construction foundation that can be utilized in the future.

  • Reinforcement

A difference between reinforcement and stabilization is that you mainly provide water drainage from an unstable soil when you stabilize an area. Reinforcements are going to offer extra strength for the entire created system. Geotextile reinforcement application will be placed right in the reinforced material. This is suitable for reinforcement concepts noticed in concrete and various other materials.

  • Filtration

Geotextiles can be used with the main function of retaining soil as water passes through. In the event there is no water drainage that happens and there is no movement, filtration is not necessary. In the event that extra filtration is necessary, the geotextile can be used in order to make this happen. Water goes through the system and the soil is filtered out. Buildups happen and a brand new natural fiber appears.

  • Drainage

Drainage is normally arranged so it happens parallel to geotextile plane. This is a property called transmissivity. We define it as parallel flow to geotextile plane. Such flow normally happens to some extent in practically all geotextiles but can directly be achieved at a higher rate through nonwoven materials that are needle-punched.

  • Moisture Barrier

Geotextiles can become impregnated with the use of a special asphaltic emulsion so they become impermeable. You can thus utilize the system as a moisture barrier. We often see this applied in pavement rehabilitation but can be suitable at home, for instance when you have some sort of basement area under your driveway.



Geotextiles are highly advantageous for various different projects. It is important that you use them whenever you need to tackle complex situations in which you have to set up some sort of moisture barrier, you need drainage or two soils have to be separated. Just make sure that you know everything about proper installation. In so many situations we see people that simply try such a project alone, without professional supervision. Improper geotextile installation basically removes all the advantages we highlighted above.

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