Understanding Hard Rock Mining: What Do You Need To Know?

Hard rock mining has been used in several plants for multiple years and is just one of the ways that material is removed from the earth. But with the disruption of the earth’s surface comes its challenges such as contamination that can lead to complications. In this article, we will be looking into hard rock mining and providing you with all the information you need to know.

What Is Hard Rock Mining?

This is the process of using numerous underground mining techniques to excavate hard minerals from the ground. These can be containing gold, silver iron as well as a number of other minerals. This has been known to work for several different materials and is a cost-effective way of making the right amount of time and money

Room And Pillar

For those that have flat ore deposits, miners drill an access ramp to the deposit and remove the ore in a pattern of holes and roof supports. Each of these holes is commonly carved out using a charge and blast technique. This allows room for continuous miner drills to create room for the ore to be extracted. A final drill works to extract the ore removing the pillar as it does so, allowing the support to collapse as the drill leaves the room. This not only helps to fill the hole, but it ensures that no ore is left behind.

Cut And Fill Drilling Techniques

For narrow ore deposits that are not as easily extracted, it is the process of drilling an access ramp that is adjacent to the ore deposit. This is drilled from the surface to the lowest post of the deposit creating a drift. This is then filled with backfill to open up the whole and create a platform for the ore to pass on. This method is used in wider deposits in hard rock mining and can aid in removing it as quickly as possible. This has been used by small and large mining companies for many years and is an effective way of removing ore from the ground but could there be a more efficient way with new and emerging technologies making this easier than ever in the near future.

How Is This Set To Change?

With several technological advancements being made throughout the year, there is a lot that it can offer the mining industry. With new technology as well as the development of new and more environmentally friendly extraction methods, this is set to revolutionise the mining industry in 2020. This is not only beneficial for the future of the industry as a whole, but it also helps to limit the disruption that is felt by the mining industry on wildlife and other key elements.

Though there are set to be huge changes to this industry, this is a slow-moving process as new mining techniques take years of trying and testing before they are widely implemented. However, with these promising changes taking place, only time will tell how efficient the industry will become.

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