The Biggest Problems in a Machinery-Based Working Environment


When it comes to managing anywhere with big, heavy machinery whirring away all day, and potentially dangerous elements, there can be some really big problems to overcome. This kind of environment can be challenging to tame and overcome, but a well-run, designed and maintained workshop can be a thing of beauty, prioritising safety, efficiency, and cost.

That can be a hard point to get to though, so in order to get there as quickly and safely as possible, we’re laying out five of the biggest problems that you may have to deal with when it comes to heavy machinery.

Noise Levels

Big heavy machines containing lots of force and momentum can make some serious noise. That’s bad for a bunch of reasons. You can’t have workers steadily losing their hearing, and getting noise complaints from other local businesses and residencies isn’t great either. Predictive maintenance applies non-destructive techniques in machines to predict when they require repair operations or parts change. One of them and perhaps the most used is the analysis of vibrations, which serves to determine the status of each of the components of the equipment in order to schedule the respective maintenance activities, without affecting the normal development of the plant production.

You can never completely optimise any work environment where workers and employees are constantly uncomfortable and feel unsafe, and unfortunately, that’s exactly how it feels when everything is rattling, whirring and making incredible amounts of noise. You can’t expect that to be the best work environment for anyone. It’s pretty reasonable to expect that once you’ve got it sorted, and improved working conditions, you’ll get better quality and more efficient work out of your employees.

However, noise doesn’t simply have to be a fact of a workshop, it can be dealt with. Noise is caused by vibrations emanating out from the momentum within the machines. What’s the solution? Get rid of the machines? Nope, anti-vibration mounts.

These nifty fittings will cut noise hugely, allowing for a much quieter working environment, which can boost safety for everyone involved.

Vibration Damage

Vibration from heavy machinery isn’t just a problem when it comes to noise levels though. When powerful machinery is just allowed to vibrate and move freely, it can cause some really expensive damage.

First off, you’ve got the damage caused to the machine by the repeated and ongoing vibrations. Then you’ve got the fact that, similar to noise issues, the vibrations will affect the building around the machine, causing damage. Again, you need to incorporate some anti-vibration mountings and fitting to help deal with this, and preserve the functional lifespan of your machinery.

What it comes down to is keeping the whole operation running smooth, because businesses and machines that run smooth, without visible distress, will keep running that way for longer. You’ll keep everyone happy, costs low, machines running and the building in one piece.

Safety Adherence

One of the more important aspects of running a factory or workshop safely is simple adherence to the safety rules and regulations. That’s absolutely crucial for both legal regulations, and simply making sure everyone is as safe as possible in a potentially hazardous environment.

Getting your workers to continually and habitually don the right safety gear and follow procedures can be difficult, but if you’ve got the right management, plenty of signage, and habitually strive to improve it, it can be dealt with.

Machinery Cost and Maintenance

Easily the biggest cost of setting up a factory or workshop is the machinery costs. Even if you’re buying generic machines, they can still be expensive, but if you’re after bespoke-made options, those costs can rocket.

The best way to deal with this is to make sure your machinery is properly maintained and looked after. You cannot afford to be replacing them all the time. Properly made, bespoke, quality machinery should last a very long time when well looked after. Anti-vibration mounts will help prolong machinery life as well.

Adhering to the Rules and Regulations

Elements like noise levels, safety regulations, and machinery guards all involve following the legal rules and regulations. All you can do here to avoid being fined or getting in trouble is get an expert in. Don’t skimp on this either!

If you have any questions, please ask below!