Star Drive Screws: What Benefits do They Have?

In the last 4 years, I have been slowly but surely learning more and more about DIY and the construction industry. Throughout this time, I have made many errors, used the wrong equipment, injured myself, and done some terrible jobs, but it has all been a big learning curve.

I have really gained an interest in all aspects of DIY, especially the tools available, and I want to share with you something I learned not so long ago; the benefits of star drive screws. Now, in the past, I never really cared which type of screw, nail, or fastener I used regardless of the job I was doing, and my naivety ended up costing me plenty of time and money, as things fell apart. If you are a DIY enthusiast and aren’t sure what a star drive screw is or what benefits they offer, here is some information about our little friends that you may not have known.


What Is It?

Despite sounding like something from Star Trek, star drive screws are actually very normal screws that can significantly help you with your DIY projects. These screws are the result of many years of issues that people have had with traditional screws. A star screw is basically a normal screw with a star shape at the top. Unlike a Philips screw, the head of the screw only has a star in the middle and one that doesn’t necessarily extend to the edge of the screw head.


One of the key reasons star head screws were invented is because of the strength they provide regarding torque. This is because the design of the central star in the head of the screw enables full lock when using a driver. The issue that existed in the past was that the screwdrivers would slip off the screws when trying to get a strong and deep application. If you have ever had this issue during a DIY project or working with screws in alternative applications, you have an idea how frustrating this can be, especially if the project involves a lot of screws. The torque that star head screws provide not only makes using the screws a great deal easier, but also provides a stronger and more solid bond.

Tamper and Damage Proof

Whilst star head screws are pretty widespread, the screwdrivers with star-shaped endings are only usually held by people who use them regularly. This means that adding a star drive screw into something will more often than not remove the possibility of tampering, as someone will need to be in possession of one of these special screw bits or screwdrivers, to tamper with these screws.

Furthermore, unlike Philips screws, star head drive screws are created to resist come-out. Often, come-out damages screwdrivers, screws, and the surface of whatever is being worked on. Star drive screws are actually meant to resist come-out, which is beneficial because nothing of value is likely to get damaged while using them, and you’re likely to end up with screws that are evenly fastened. (For those new to DIY – come-out is when the driver/ screwdriver slips off the screw once a certain limit of tightness has been reached.)

Instant Penetration (walking isn’t necessary)

Star head screws are so amazing that you don’t necessarily have to create a pilot hole to screw them in, in most materials. Usually, when you want to use screws in a DIY project, you have to create a small hole to help guide them where you want them to go (a pilot hole). This isn’t necessarily the case with star head screws. If you try to just screw in other screws without a pilot hole, chances are that they’ll just slip off and end up messing up the surface of whatever you’re working on (hopefully nothing aesthetically sensitive). However, with star head screws, they’ll just go through as if they were created to do just that – actually there were created to do just that. They contain knurled shoulders, which significantly simplifies driving, particularly in hardwoods, and reduces chafing and chipping.

Deeper Purchase

Because of the way in which you can drive these screws into the wood or metal that you are using, you can push the screw far into the material so that it cannot be seen from the outside. This is not to say that you still wouldn’t use screw covers, but the additional purchase that these screws have made them stronger and sleeker than their counterparts.

If you are looking at taking your DIY game to the next level, star drive screws are the screws you need.

If you have any questions, please ask below!