Reasons to Use Only Quality Asphalt Pipes

Asphalt PipesThere is a massive difference between the pipes you use for domestic purposes and the ones used in industries. The former helps to transport water from the tap to the sprinkler in the garden. Since the pressure of the water traveling through it is not very strong, standard grade PVC is used to manufacture it. The pipe used for a typical garden sprinkler has the capacity to bear pressures up to 30 pounds per square inch. However, the statistics are very different as far as industrial pipes are concerned. They have to bear high pressures. Apart from that, they also help to transport harsh chemicals like acids from one part of a factory to the other. Asphalt hoses have to bear even more. Since asphalt is much denser than water or acids and extremely hot, the pipes carrying it has to be made of a special material. Generally, heavy duty neoprene is the material of choice when manufacturing asphalt hoses. These pipes are available in different diameters, depending on the job they have to perform. Apart from this, special clamps, employed at both ends of the pipe, ensure that they do not get dislodged from the source or destination points.

The manufacturer uses these hoses to load hot asphalt and tar onto storage tanks and special rail transport cars. If you want to purchase a good quality asphalt hose, ensure that it is reinforced by spiral helical wire as well as synthetic cord. These pipes should be able to withstand pressures up to 150 pounds per square inch. Since molten asphalt and tar are very hot, the pipes used to transport them should be capable of bearing heat more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 177 degrees centigrade). Apart from having these features, the pipe should be flexible as well, because they are often used to pour asphalt directly from the container on to the road. Generally, these pipes contain an inner diameter of two inches, three inches and four inches. The outer layers of these pipes should be highly resistant to oil. Certain manufacturers integrate a colored stripe on the pipe to indicate that it is made for the purpose of transporting hot asphalt and tar. The asphalt hoses are generally available in lengths of 100 feet. The purchaser should make sure that the company selling them provides clamps along with the pipes.

These pipes are available at both physical and online stores. However, you should always opt to purchase a brand manufactured by a reputable company. Apart from asphalt, these pipes can be used to handle other hot petroleum based products such as paraffin wax, oil, tar, etc. They are made from premium grade materials and are weather and abrasion resistant. You should always use special heat resistant gloves while handling such pipes. Because of their thickness, these tubes are quite heavy. A typical four-inch diameter tube will weigh around four pounds per foot. If you have any doubts regarding the exact diameter of the pipe, check the manufacturer’s website for specifications.

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