On Trend: Industrial Modernism

Modern-industrial-kitchenWith so many trends in design and architecture, it can be difficult to tell which elements to incorporate in your own home. The key when integrating new trends into your home is to keep high ticket items in timeless, classic lines and colors, and incorporate trends in easy to change accessories or things with versatility that can be easily reutilized in multiple rooms or settings down the road.

One design trend we're loving at the moment is the industrial steampunk influence. This style covers a couple of decades of various influences depending on the object that you may see. The steampunk aesthetic incorporates iconic designs that originated as early as the 1820s to 1840s with the industrial revolution, but some elements also give a nod to 1905 to 1930s architecture as steel production increased and the deco era ushered in use of mixed metals for its primary construction materials.

It's difficult to envision this genre making its way back into the modern lifestyle, but that's just what many manufacturers and retailers are doing. If you are looking for ways to incorporate this style into your own décor, but are unsure of just how to do so, we have a few suggestions:

1. Don't indulge in overkill. Its not the turn of the 19th century, and making this look appear fresh and modern means not turning your home into a themed attraction. Keeping your industrial elements limited to a light fixture, barstools or a shelving unit ensures that your touch of industrial will not only be functional, but it will not overwhelm the room style. Few of us build our home's architecture around the way we wish to furnishing, so if you are working within an existing architectural style that doesn't led itself to an industrial aesthetic, smaller incorporations will give your home and intentionally eclectic feel.

2. Don't overspend. If you are trying out a new design trend and are worried about its lasting power, don't invest too heavily in the price tag. Vintage antiques that peak in popularity come with hefty costs. There's nothing wrong with reproductions and knock offs to pull together a look combined with more expensive investments in classic and more heavily used items like sofas and window treatments that you may hope to keep for 8-10 years or more.

If you do want to create a signature look in your home with contemporary, emerging trends, doors style is a key element to replicating true architectural relevance to a time period or style, like the modern industrial look. Of course, today's doors trends offer not just style, but updated modern features, without interfering with the overall look. Sliding doors come in a range of styles, from rustic barn doors to contemporary glass. Exposed sliding tracks not only offer a unique look, but they can save space and costs. With traditional doors, consumers must also consider the cost of installing or replacing doorjambs, but sliding doors require nothing more that hardware that mounts on the exterior wall above the doorway. Finishing the doorways requires nothing more than squaring off the drywall. Sliding doors will also save space, without the expense of installing a pocket door. In addition to not requiring accommodations for the door swing, sliding doors do not interfere with plumbing or electrical routing within the walls the way that pocket doors do saving you space in more ways than one. Trying new design trends doesn't have to break your budget or overwhelm your space. Chose pieces that integrate well with your existing décor so that you do not feel the need to change everything at once; be realistic with your budget and change things over time as you collect pieces that have lasting value and appeal to you.

Elle LaFleur is the owner and interior architectural designer behind Juxt Design, a full-service design studio specializing in residential, retail and commercial interiors. Her passion for design extends into every detail of a project from the initial concept to the placement of the accessories. Elle relishes the California lifestyle that she has been born and raised in and enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, yoga and spending time with family, friends and her French bulldog, Royal. You can learn more at or contact her by email at [email protected] to schedule a consultation.

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