Lifting Slings: Definition, Types, and Purpose

Lifting SlingWhen it comes to moving heavy objects from one place to another, it is advisable to use lifting straps. However, it is extremely important to buy good quality lifting slings so that the job at hand gets finished in a timely and proper manner. Such products are widely available in the traditional as well as online market. Today, we will be talking about the different types of lifting slings and the varied purposes served by each of them. Let us get started right way.


If you are one of those who are in a lookout for some strong and durable lifting sling, then you can opt for the chain ones. Since they are heavy as well as rugged, the chains are ideally suited to lift metal loads and any kind of heavy machinery. This is generally done with the help of a crane or even a host. It is always suggested that you log on to a good online store where you can a whole bunch of related items at the most convenient price rates. Plus, you also get to learn a variety of other things as well.

Web Slings

These are the flat slings that are usually made up of polyester. Here, it is to be noted that you should for those slings that are manufactured to a security factor of at least 7.1 which is the necessary factor that aids in determining the actual safety level of the concerned product.

Nowadays, most of the people are opting for duplex which is commonly called double ply. It is believed that this extra ply of protective material paves way for good amount of security. In addition to this, the product will also last for a longer period of time.

Endless Slings

Then, there are lifting slings that don't have any ends which is generally known as round slings. These types of slings are measured in terms of circumference. This particular round sling product is used on a wide basis across the globe to choke lift varied kinds of loads. It is here that the slings are utilized as a choke on the specified load and thus, when you go on to lift the load, the tension gets accelerated. This results in the load being subjected to tremendous grip as well as good lifting power.

One of the attractive highlights of round lifting slings is the softness factor associated with the product. Along with this, you can use this sling for a whole bunch of interesting applications. However, you shouldn't get the idea that just because the slings are soft, you can't expect the same kind of strength and durability that are applicable to web or chain slings. On the contrary, the round slings too consist of strong and durability factor and hence, you don't need to think twice before purchasing such products.

The internet is always at your discretion from where you can buy such related products. Nonetheless, it is extremely necessary for you to get hold of the best lifting slings supplier with considerable amount of experience in this line of business. Additionally, you should also check out some other factors that are equally important as well. These include cost of varied products on display, exchange and return policies, the credibility factor associated with the concerned supplier and other related considerations as well.

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