How to Measure Screw Thread Dimensions with Thread Gauges

Thread GaugeThread gauges should not be confused with precision tools. They are an effective way with which dimensions i.e. lead and pitch of various screw threads can be determined. Tools like screw thread, nuts and bolts are probably the tiniest of the tools used in various construction sectors. While many purchase these tools without information about the specification of the product, to avoid any unfortunate occurrence it is always helpful to get the best fitting tools. To form a joint or to hold two pieces together, screw thread acts as the DNA of every structure.

To understand how thread gauges work it is necessary to understand various terminologies related to screw thread. A screw thread is divided into two parts which are Head and tail. The tail is divided into the following three parts:

  • Lead: Though different concepts altogether, it is easy to confuse lead with pitch. Lead of a screw thread can be determined by calculating the distance along the axis of the screw in a one complete rotation of 360°.
  • Pitch: The distance between two consecutive thread calculated from the crest is the pitch of screw thread.
  • Starts: Starts refers to the type of screw thread, if they are single start thread or double form thread. A single start thread comprises of a single ridge. As the name suggests double start screw thread comprises of dual ridge.

What is a Thread Ring Gauge?

To determine the specification of a screw thread, thread ring gauge prove to be an effective tool in this regard. Thread ring gauges can also be used for calibrating or gauge setting. While ring gauge can be used for determining the specification of threaded part, for non threaded parts, smooth ring gauges are used.

The simple technique to assess the specification or the dimensions of threaded studs is Go/No Go assessment.

Go threaded ring gauge determines the screwing on capability of the external pitch which also includes deviations of any.

No Go thread ring gauge is used to measure the actual pitch diameter of external thread. A No Go thread gauge does not measure or determine the major or minor diameter of external thread.

These tools should be properly maintained and should be replaced in case of any deformity. These are not precision tools but to actually determine the specification of the product a tool must be in the best condition to do so.

Thread ring gauge is also referred to as thread plug gauges. While one can find scores of online retailers providing such products, it is necessary to purchase these tools from a well experienced enterprise. Few things that should be kept in mind before ordering any of these products are:

  • The company must provide best quality tools which should pass all the required test and measurement standards.
  • While the quality of tools should not be compromised with, it is necessary to make sure that you are opting for quality tools in best price range possible.

You can gain all the required information by exploring the official website of the company and can also see various tools that are available.

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