How BIM clash detection and coordination speed up construction projects?

BIM clash detection and coordination identifies interdisciplinary clashes and resolves them during the pre-construction stage. With error-free collaboration and coordination between disciplines, it offers stakeholders a unified vision, which is a prerequisite for a successful completion of the project.

BIM’s inbuilt integrated feature of clash detection and coordination in a 3D BIM model plays a pivotal role in achieving on time completion, cost effectiveness and quality of a project. MEP firms and stakeholders can enhance their project performance by using clash detection and coordination as it leads to minimal wastage of all types of resources and speeds up construction projects.

BIM clash detection and coordination involves identifying and resolving clashes between models of several disciplines such as architectural, structural, MEP, HVAC etc. 3D BIM modeling enables teams to collaborate provides collision reports and ensures that any changes are updated in real-time, keeping stakeholders on the same page.

A clash free and coordinated BIM model results in a host of benefits such as:

  • reduction of conflicts
  • reduction in wastage of resources
  • better interdisciplinary coordination
  • timely completion of the project

Popular BIM tools such as Navisworks, Revit, ArchiCAD have immersive models, detailed visualizations, algorithm designs, powerful geometry, etc. which equips all the AEC team members to meet and fulfill all the construction needs.

Challenges of clash detection and coordination with traditional methods

The traditional method of creating models with 2D drawings has various challenges such as:

  • Lack of visualization for interpretation and for clash detections.
  • Wastage of time and resources
  • Rework during the actual construction stages due to clashes
  • Increase in cost due to rework

How coordination and clash detection speed up construction projects

3D BIM models allows visualization of design in the pre-construction stage itself, keeping all the stakeholders to be in consensus with one another.

All hard and soft clashes are easily identified and resolved at the design stage. This leads to reduced rework and in turn speeds up the construction project.

Benefits of clash detection and coordination for construction projects

  • Identify and resolve clashes at Pre-construction stage

BIM technology easily identifies clashes between architectural, structural and MEP disciplines and enables the stakeholders to resolve clashes during pre-construction stage itself. This enables stakeholders to make faster and more informed decisions regarding resources, material and cost.

For instance, TrueCADD developed a clash free model using Revit for a Data Center located in India. This coordinated 3D BIM model helped the client gain a smooth and seamless construction process by identifying and resolving clashes at the preconstruction stage, all while remaining within budget and ensuring a cost effective construction project.

  • Reduced iterations during the final phase of construction

Identifying and resolving clashes during the initial phase of design during the preconstruction stage leads to fewer iterations and reduced rework, during the construction phase. This helps speed up the construction process.

  • Enhanced inter-disciplinary coordination and collaboration

BIM enables coordination and communication between various disciplines such as Architectural, structural, MEP. This leads to a creation of a clash-free 3D BIM model and seamless installation of building components, thereby leading to a speedy completion of the project.

  • Explore multiple design options and get design validation prior to actual construction

BIM validation (also termed as Model Checking where parametric rules would be applied) is an initial pre-check to guarantee the reliable results. One can explore multiple design options with 3D models as per client needs and requirements. Any changes made are updated in real time, keeping stakeholders aware and ensuring a smooth construction process.

  • Savings of cost and time due to reduced rework

With an accurate and precise coordinated 3D BIM model, BIM leaves no scope of failings of the design. It reduces redundancy during the construction stage, resulting in avoidance of rework, thus saving cost and time.

For instance, a 3D BIM MEP model was created in LOD 500 by TrueCADD for a University Hospital Building located in Saudi Arabia. The coordinated model was clash-free and resulting in savings of time and construction cost with higher ROI.

Types of construction clashes

  • Hard clash – Insufficient beam or the position of lintel or insufficient headspace in a room and clash of HVAC ducts with the framing of the structural beams.
  • Soft clash – A live wire passing by a plumbing line, carries a risk of having issues of short-circuit.
  • Work-flow clash– Clashes related to work flow processes that may be defined by a contractor including material or equipment delivery, availability of skilled labor and other workflow conflicts.

Wrapping it up…

Clash detection and coordination truly empower project stakeholders to save on construction cost and time by resolving clashes early on during the design stage. By viewing the virtual simulation model of the phases of the project i.e. design, planning, and by gaining accurate schedule and cost information stakeholders are on the same page, thereby ensuring that construction projects are completed within time and budget.

The most impactful factors of adopting BIM are its great effects on projects in terms of seamless workflow efficiency, performance, time and cost.

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