Go Green with Sustainable Steel Structures

Green buildings are a necessity of the hour. With growing pollution and depleting the ozone layer, everyone is looking for a sustainable source that can protect our mother nature and keep it green forever.

And here comes the role of steel structures that are also renowned as green structures in the construction industry.

How many of you actually know factors/traits that make metal buildings a sustainable option construction industry. Without any delay, let’s check out the benefits of opting for prefabricated metal buildings.

Versatile Customization Options: Steel buildings come with endless customization options. Hence you can make a structure to meet your end needs. You can customization based on your business needs and make it fit for your purposes.

3D Building Estimator’s evolution has further benefitted metal building buyers with innovative options to customize your building in real-time and order it directly. With 3D Metal Building Estimator, you can also visualize structure before putting your order.

LEED Certified Buildings: Metal buildings completely comply with eco-friendly parameters and hence support the environment. Eco-friendly metal buildings are in huge demand as it helps to stop deforestation and soil erosion.

Steel production leaves the least amount of residue that is also non-toxic for nature. Further, steel structures can be reused after demolition. In short, steel buildings are 100% recyclable material that doesn’t harm nature in either way.

No Obstructions in Big Buildings: No column structures means you get 100% usable space within the structure. Metal buildings are installed with zero internal columns. These structures can be expanded to whatever width you want without worrying about internal columns.

NUmerous metal buildings like Beijing National Stadium, Seagram Building (NY) have already set an example of big buildings without obstruction. So, you can entirely rely on prefabricated steel buildings and get 100% usable area for whatever purpose you want.

Budget-Friendly Steel Structures: YES! Steel buildings cost you far less than conventional timber buildings. Installation of a steel building doesn’t require additional time and labor, saving extra expenses on your structure. Moreover, most metal building dealers offer you free delivery and installation.

Hence, you save a significant sum on your purchase, which isn’t possible with stick structures. Stick structures always require professional experts for precise installation. Moreover, installation of stick building takes time, more than modern green buildings.

No Limitation on Designs: Nowadays, green buildings ( metal buildings) come with different options that you can choose based on your purposes. Prominent metal building types include metal carport, metal garages, clear span steel structure, metal RV covers, farm building, metal barn, and many more.

These structures are available with regular, boxed-eave, and vertical roof style. You can further customize any structure and transform it into your dream metal structure.

Made to Last for Decades: Steel is one of the construction alternatives to concrete and timber that is made to last for decades. Post-installation, you can take benefit of structure for three to four decades without fail. Regular maintenance and checkup will further help you extend its lifespan.

On contrary to this, timber buildings can only last for 1-2 decades, followed by frequent repairs and replacements. With certified steel structures, you can expect a bigger life as it isn’t affected by heavy snow load, high winds, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Thus, your one-time investment can benefit you for decades to come.

Free from Pest and Fire: Wood is prone to pests and fires. In such cases, you have no other option than to install a new building. However, steel is a fire-resistant structure that can protect your essentials, vehicles, livestock, etc.

Moreover, pests can damage your structure and ask for quick replacement. Repairs are often cost you more than building cost.

Quick Building Assembly: Installation of steel buildings is a time-saving task. Compared to traditional wood buildings, metal buildings require minimal installation time. On average, a steel building can take 3-4 days for a complete installation. Further, you have the option to order DIY metal buildings that comes with installation guides. Metal building DIY kits let you install the structure by yourself.

So, these are unmatched traits of green buildings that outrank other options available in the construction industry.


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