Features & Safety Precautions of Spindle Moulder Machine

Spindle Moulder MachineAs one of the full handy woodworking equipment, the spindle moulder can be used for multipurpose. As the name suggests, it is intended for simple moulding work, but this machine can also be used for making trenches, links, and even box combings. The spindle moulder can cut out shapes, construct raised panels, and flat, curved surfaces. It works swiftly, forms naturally, and delivers first-class wood textures. This is the reason many woodworkers turn to the spindle moulder in their tasks.


Using a Spindle Moulder

Though it is a single machine, there are several parts of the spindle moulder. Since this is a possibly unsafe machinery, it is vital to know how each part of Spindle Moulder works.

The Spindle and Table

The key features of table of a spindle are:

  • This can be made of cast iron, aluminium and pressed steel. Cast iron is considered as an important and most durable element in a woodwork shop, whereas aluminium is likely to damage.
  • Spindle Moulder Tables have several different sizes.
  • The table must be totally plane to get the smooth and exact shape.
  • Cut outs in the middle must be large enough so that you can place your tools.
  • Also, the spindle has a vital role in moulder.
  • It’s suggested to use spacing collars to modify the depth of each cut.
  • Make sure that the nut is very tight enough so that the collars do not drop in use and turn into a safety threat.
  • The spindle should be kept clean and harm free.

Controls of Spindle Moulder

  • The movement and the quality of the spindle moulder depend on the controls.
  • The up and down movement of the spindle through the table through the hand wheel controls how much cutting occurs by the spindle.
  • Identify, determine and adjust all spindle through hand wheel. Even the minimum deviations can affect the product.
  • Make sure to lock the handwheel after each alteration for safety reason; the shaking of the table can result in the spindle to move if it is not properly locked.

The Motor, Fence, and Guarding

Like every other machine, a motor rotates the spindle movement.

  • The power of the motor must be at least 2 horsepower to cut the wood efficiently.
  • The speed of the spindle moulder should also be adjusted using a pulley arrangement.
  • Search for the machines kick’s stop as the machine can be stopped in case of emergency with the help of this.
  • The guarding and fence of the spindle moulder are fixed onto the top of the table, and are used to regulate the movement of the wood during cutting.

Safety Tips to follow for Spindle Moulder

The spindle moulder is considered as the hazardous machine, but still you need to follow these safety precautions.

  • Always stay focused when operating this machine. The hand are very near to the cutters, so be attentive.
  • Keep your hands behind the guarding as much as possible.
  • Always cross check all locks and clamps before operating the machine.
  • Always wear ear mugs and a dust mask and even safety gloves.
  • Keep your machine clean.

How to buy spindle moulders

It is easy to purchase a new or used spindle moulder and its accessories from the number of e-commerce sites. Several other sellers sell only spindle moulders through their websites.

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