Everything You Need to Know About High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene, commonly known as HIPS, is a rubber modified version of General-Purpose Polystyrene. The addition of rubber makes the thermoplastic incredibly durable, with a much higher impact resistance than its former compound. Like all thermoplastics, the material can become soft and pliable when heated, and re-solidify upon cooling. These factors alone make HIPS a great material to manufacture components with. High impact polystyrene is extremely lightweight and when combined with rubber or other materials increase its strength and durability. HIPS plastic is primarily used in situations where impact resistance and cost-effectiveness are required. It also has good gloss and low volatility.

High Impact Polystyrene or HIPs has similar properties to ABS and it is cost-effective. It is used in different industries like the food industry, automobile industry, and other manufacturing industries. High Impact Polystyrenes are easy to fabricate and they can work as an insulator. Apart from that, high Impact Polystyrenes are FDA approved and they are durable than stainless steel. Plus, they have a strong impact resistance capacity and they are available at an affordable cost. You can easily apply glue and paint on these HIPs to customize your products.

Features of High Impact Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a synthetic polymer product it comes in foam or solid form. It’s one of the most common plastics in the world. High Impact Polystyrene is a durable plastic material designed with resins and it can be used for designing various products. They maintain strength in high impact application. You can apply paint and adhesives on it and it is delivered as rolls or sheets. You can mould these types of plastics to design your products, and they are completely safe for the food industry. They provide good dimensional stability and low volatility.

High Impact Polystyrene is easy to process and it has a glossy appearance. These plastics are sturdy and flexible, and they are hygienic. People can use these materials for making toys and High Impact Polystyrene is completely recyclable.

But these plastic sheets or rolls have some disadvantages. High Impact Polystyrene should be used carefully and they are not long-lasting. Apart from that, they do not resist organic solvents.

What Are the Uses of High Impact Polystyrene?

Some of the industries are dependent on High Impact Polystyrene, and purchase displays, signs, printed graphics, prototypes, 3D models, and toys are made with these materials. Apart from that, these plastics can be used for making shelves, kiosks and different kinds of fixtures. People can also use these materials for designing mechanical parts and they can use thermoformed technology in this regard.

High Impact Polystyrenes are widely used in the food industry because they are hygienic materials and they can protect your food products from fungal infections. You can design your packaging materials for your food products with High Impact Polystyrenes and they can keep your foods protect from germs. HIPS has inherent moisture barrier properties that make this material suitable for short shelf-life products. Besides, improvements to particular grades of HIPS have resulted in good environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), making this material suitable for the packaging of fatty foods such as butter. They are nonporous and lightweight, and people can easily mould these materials to design their products.

High Impact Polystyrenes are much popular than polyvinyl, polyethylene and polypropylene because you can easily fabricate these materials according to your needs. Plus, they have high impact resistance capacity and they are flexible than polyethylene and polypropylene.

People can also use these High Impact Polystyrenes for making light diffusers, cutlery products, and household appliances. Even, audio and video cassettes, electronic goods, containers, and packaging materials are also made by these plastics. For processing the High Impact Polystyrene, you need to choose any of the two fabrication methods such as extrusion process or injection moulding. In this regard, you can hire the best fabrication services for such plastics because only experts can deal with these materials. High Impact Polystyrenes are non-toxic materials and they do not harm the environment.

High Impact Polystyrenes have 1.04g/cm gravity and they have 3130 psi tensile strength. So, it can last longer than steel and iron. Apart from that, High Impact Polystyrenes have 2.20ft.-lb/in impact capacity and 4620 psi flexural strength.

How Would You Choose the Best Plastic Manufacturing Company for High Impact Polystyrenes?

You can find some dealers and manufacturers of High Impact Polystyrenes online, and you can choose the best High Impact Polystyrene manufacturer according to your needs. But, before you choose a manufacturer, you need to check their products and you must choose such polystyrenes according to their thickness.

It is suggested to search such manufacturers online and choose the best one after reading their online reviews. You must check their license, samples, and certifications before you choose.

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