Do Industrial Steamers Work?

Being a relatively new phenomenon in cleaning industrial spaces, it’s obvious that some people are still a bit skeptical about whether an industrial steamer actually works.

You may have heard about industrial steamers – a powerful new way to perform all the cleaning activities. Although steam cleaning has been here for quite a while now, it’s been limited to domestic use in its early days. With many new manufacturers joining in the innovation efforts, there are also now high-performance industrial steamers that can enable you to ensure maximum hygiene even in larger and complicated spaces.

Despite the many benefits of steam cleaning, people often find themselves unsure about the effectiveness of such innovative cleaning methods. The reasons partly lie in the lack of know-how about what an industrial steamer is and their applications.

So, today, let’s find out the basics of industrial steam cleaners and how they can not only work effectively but also make cleaning activities a lot less stressful.

What is Industrial Steamer?

While industrial steamer can refer to a host of different things, it commonly refers to the industrial steam cleaning equipment. It is a powerful new way of cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing larger spaces. They take in cold waters, heat them up above the boiling points, and then release the vaporized steams through its nozzles. It is the ingenious combination of heat and moisture that work like a charm in degreasing, cleaning, and sanitizing any spaces and machinery.

Do They Actually Work?

Yes, absolutely. The most amazing thing about the industrial steamer is that it replaces the use of cleaning liquids, chemicals, or any other detergents with the clean, old water. It doesn’t mean, however, that they are any less effective than any other traditional methods of industrial cleaning.

In fact, a hot stream of steams can fulfill a host of different cleaning steps in one go. The steams are usually spread, covering more grounds in a short space of time. They dry up quickly, requiring no additional sponge sweeps of anything else. With the help of different nozzles and accessories, they can also reach places where no other cleaning tools can; making them a wonderful option for industries requiring to degrease a lot of their machinery.

When it comes to actually perform a deep cleaning, industrial steamer also shines through. The water molecules found in steams help to dissolve any rusts or greases before dissolving them from the intended target. This process makes it much easier to clean even the dirtiest of greases.

Furthermore, steam cleaners can also effectively eliminate up to 99.99% of germs, harmful molecules, bacteria, viruses, etc. if used correctly. Overheated steams are the most natural way to disinfect any surfaces, so much so that it can greatly benefit in the fight against Covid-19.

Which Industries Can Benefit from it?

There are a number of different types of steamers used for different purposes. The portable or mobile cleaners are relatively smaller and can be transported easily – either with the wheels or by carrying it on the back. There are also larger, fixed cleaners for stationery use. The inline industrial steamer, on the other hand, can be integrated right into the production cycle.

Therefore, almost all the manufacturing, food processing, and hospitality industries can benefit from the use of industrial steamers. Not only the industrial plants, but they can also be utilized in order to clean public spaces like auditoriums, tube stations, shopping malls, etc. The same reasons also make them a viable option for healthcare industries that goes through a lot of efforts to keep their premises clean, disinfected, and hygienic.

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