Compulsory Warehouse Safety Equipment

A warehouse is a work environment where having the proper safety equipment in place to keep products safe while indoors is imperative. Industrial standard safety barriers are installed to ensure that the goods being stored in the warehouse for distribution will be held securely until ready for shipment to a store or directly to a customer. They are also required to separate loading areas from pedestrian walkways for worker and public safety.

Types of Compulsory Warehouse Safety Equipment

Pedestrian Walkway Safety Equipment

  • Pedestrian Safety Barriers

These types of barriers are absolutely compulsory to control the flow of foot traffic in and around the warehouse. They are used to clearly define areas which are safe to be used as pedestrian walkways, and those which are to be reserved for vehicle use only.

  • Swing Gates

Swing gates are used as both access and exit points for pedestrians. Since they are made to swing inward, they provide an extra measure of safety for pedestrians about to enter a traffic area.

Safety Equipment
Racking Safety Equipment

  • Kerb Barriers

The Kerb Barrier is floor mounted, and its low centre of gravity allows it to guard against vehicles from hitting machinery or goods. Its bright yellow accent colours make it easy to define traffic routes inside the warehouse to prevent vehicles from straying off course.

  • Rack End Barriers-Single Rail

Racking protection is a key piece of safety equipment. Keeping the racks of goods on the floor is important, and installing rack end barriers guards is a first line of protection against any incidents that may put stacked goods at risk of falling.

The height of the single rail Rack End Barriers has been designed to line up with the centres of gravity of vehicles most likely to be used in warehouses. Their circular end posts provide enhanced protection the barrier ends, which are its most vulnerable points.

The single rail barrier is installed close to the end of a row of racking to cushion any impact before a vehicle makes contact with the rack itself.

  • Rack End Barriers-Double Rail

Double rail end barriers are often used in picking areas, where vehicles are likely to be moving in and out and workers are also performing their duties. It can also be used for the same application as the single rail design.

The advantage of choosing the double-rail rack end barrier is its increased height and better level of protection in areas where you either are or can anticipate using vehicles with a higher centre of gravity. The rail is not physically attached to the racking it is protecting in any fashion once it is installed; this is to ensure that it alone will absorb the force of any impact. As a result, it will help to avoid extensive damage to the racks where goods are being stored in the warehouse.

Dock Area Protection

  • Height Restrictor

A height restrictor serves two functions for warehouse safety. It helps to protect the doorway opening edges from damage, and it also serves as height restriction warning to vehicle drivers.

Inside the warehouse, the height restrictor reminds workers to be aware of gas supply lines, ventilation ducts, and overhead pipe bridges while unloading goods onto high racks or removing them for shipment elsewhere.

At the outside door to the warehouse, the height restrictor's curved edges effectively deflect any impact away from the building proper. The restrictor can be manufactured to a range of heights to suit a customer's specific needs and its'bright yellow colour means that it is highly visible to vehicle drivers.

Safety Equipment

  • Bollards

Bollards are used in areas where limiting access by unauthorized vehicles is required. They are also used to guide vehicles pedestrians in specific directions to prevent unauthorized access or to protect certain structures in and around the warehouse.

When installed, bollards are not only highly visible but they also provide a high level of impact resistance. The bollards are extremely durable and can resist scrapes, bumps and knocks without appearing the worse for wear. This safety product has been specially designed to reduce or completely eliminate floor damage caused by impacts.

These compulsory pieces of safety equipment help to lower the risk of injuries and lost productivity in a warehouse work environment. They are an essential part of the work environment and a successful business.

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