Checklist for a Commercial Construction Site Cleanup

Commercial construction is a challenging tasks, even the smallest construction site may generate lots of dirt and debris that will make the construction site an eye sore. Site cleanup is necessary to remove debris, scuffs, smudges, dirt and other waste that may be generated during the building or remodeling.

Construction companies should make provisions for construction site cleanup, using a detailed checklist in order to not to leave any dirt on the site.

The checklist is a great tool not only for small remodeling construction sites but also for large scale construction site as well. Commercial cleaners may be employed to clean up a site depending on the size of the construction project.

Remove left over Construction Materials

Construction or renovation project is never considered complete unless all debris and leftover construction materials and masonry materials used during the construction are removed. Construction companies may need to employ services of professional cleaning companies if the construction site is large and lots of waste materials need to be dumped at landfills.

This will help to eliminate potential hazard that may occur from all sorts of items and broken objects at the construction site.

General cleanup

After the remodeling or new construction homes and buildings, clean and scrub the walls, installed appliances, and ceilings. It is important to dust well because construction will make dust to accumulate in nook and cranny it can.

Dirt can make the construction job done look out of place, and too much of it create health issues as well, so is important to put effort in proper cleaning of all hidden places the building.

Vacuuming and Mopping

When construction or remodeling is completed, carpets, rugs and tight corners should be vacuumed and to remove dirt. Floors whether wood, linoleum, or tiles will be mopped to bring out it shinning properties.

Cleaning of Fixtures

Furnishings and fixtures in the newly constructed building should be dusted and cleaned properly to reflect its beauty and add value to the project.

Cabinets, drawers and counters are the most over looked in post construction cleanup, so , attention must be paid to check and clean all these items thoroughly in post construction cleanup.

Commercial Construction Site cleanup is a task that must be taken seriously, not only that it adds beauty to the construction project, but it also remove unwanted items, used materials, dirt, and debris from the construction site and make the environment safe.

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