Advantages to Buy Coal from Lehigh Anthracite

AnthraciteMost people make the mistake of assuming that all coal is the same. The fact is that there are different types of coals and each one of them has their own characteristics and properties. Anthracite coal is the oldest and cleanest type of coal available. It is a highly carbonated form of coal and is the hardest variety known to man. As the anthracite coal is low in ash and sulfur, it is very much in demand across various industries.

The Anthracite coal is used to provide heating in homes, offices, schools and other institutions for many years. Nearly seven billion tones of Anthracite are available for mining and it is mostly found in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The availability and pricing of this coal are not subject to international policies and politics.

Anthracite is mined on the surface by retrieving the coal that is left in old and abandoned mines. After retrieving the coal, the mines are closed and the land reclaimed. The mining company that mined this coal then plant trees in this area to ensure that it returns back to its natural state.

Buying Coal from Lehigh Anthracite

Lehigh Anthracite is in control of an estimated 300 million tons of premium quality anthracite coal and it supplies various quantities of coal to different industries. You may be able to buy coal from Lehigh Anthracite in bulk and small quantities depending on your specific requirement. All that you need to do is to contact the company online with your requirement and you may be able to get different coal sizes and qualities as per your specifications. The quality is also adjusted as per the specific needs of the industry.

Due to their premium quality, most steel manufacturers buy coal from Lehigh Anthracite. The coal is used as a fuel in steel making shops, furnace coke replacement and indurating furnaces. As the company has an onsite-testing lab, it is able to guarantee quality whenever required. The high quality coal that is mined here is well suited for all types of steel and iron manufacturing facilities. When you use this coal you may also be able to cut costs and save money.

When you buy coal from Lehigh Anthracite, you can be assured that is meets the stringent specifications. This includes low sulfur, low volatile matter and high fixed carbon. As anthracite coal is 82 — 86 % carbon, it can burn at a very high level of BTU (British thermal unit). Due to this, the overall cost is lower and this makes it a cost efficient fuel. Any other type of coal cannot match the level of heat that is generated from this coal. This makes it one of the warmest heat sources available for home and offices.

As the anthracite coals burns clean, it does not cause much harm to the environment. Emissions from coal burning can cause considerable damage to the environment but the low sulfur and ash do not cause pollution. This has helped coal of this type gain popularity across a number of industries.

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