Advantages of Wood Crates

crateWhen you are shipping a product that may be highly valuable or fragile the stress levels can go through the roof. It gets worse if you are shipping more than one of these products. This is where the sturdiness of wood crates comes in to save the day.

Why Choose Wooden Crates?

They are Affordable

Wooden crates are usually very affordable. This is because the materials required to produce them are easier to find, more natural, and do not require a significant amount of processing. If the manufacturing cost is low then the price of the product is low too. This is unlike plywood boxes which tend to be on the more expensive end.


Wooden crates are designed to be difficult to get into once they are sealed. This is vital when you are shipping long distances and the crates will come into contact with multiple people, some of who may be unscrupulous. Wooden crates as mentioned earlier are also very sturdy, and stable thus protect fragile items from the danger of breaking, which is an ever present reality of transporting goods across long distances. With the addition of a cushioning material like foam your products become virtually indestructible under normal transport conditions.

Simple Design

For companies that require large quantities of wood crates, there is usually a demand for a product that is quick and easy to produce. The wood crate has a very simple and natural design which translates into an easier and more efficient manufacturing process, based on the company's specifications. The simpler the process of production the greater the savings in terms of cost.

Wooden crates require fewer resources, and while this may not seem like a factor to a consumer but it adds to the cost of buying a crate. Plywood crates cost much more because they require glues and additives during the lamination process. Wooden crates lower the overall manufacture cost by requiring nothing more than wood, which is great for the pocket and the environment. Furthermore any toxic material used to produce other packaging materials is absent, thus the risk that it might leach into your goods is absent.


Wooden crates can be stacked to conserve space. This is great for shipping but also for trade show crates where a user may have multiple products but limited space at their booth. Wooden crates can be stacked because of their thick walls which offer great strength, and make them more durable; thus they can withstand great pressures from other crates stacked over them. This is a reassurance especially if the products are delicate like glasswork, or artwork; wrapping them in bubble cushion will guarantee that they are safe through the show.

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