How to Test Quality of PET Bottles?

In today’s modern era, polymers have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are in extensive usage because of their properties like durability, easy handling and versatility. We have become largely dependent on polymers like plastic such that we can see its existence all around us. Our world has started whirling all around them. From a pen that we use to write to a laptop on which we are dependent on for all our work; from the utensils that we use in the kitchen to all the pet bottles we store liquids in; from all the credit and debit cards we keep in our pocket to all the mobile phone accessories, almost everything is made of plastic. Amongst all the things made of plastic, PET bottles are something that are being widely used for packaging and storage. Our huge dependence and over-reliance on this polymer is the reason why we need to perform a quality check on the performance of these polymers as a raw material and finished product as well. Polymer testing services will focus on the testing and analysis of the polymer materials and help avoid the risks and issues related to the use of such polymers.

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Keeping in mind the rising graph of the industry, dedicated well-equipped polymer testing labs have been designed to carry out the testing needs. These are commonly known as quality control testing laboratories. A team of people who are well-qualified and possess a requisite knowledge of the latest and specialized testing techniques runs these labs. Such polymer testing labs carry out all the quality tests to ensure the quality performance of the polymer being tested. The main objective of these labs is to focus on the testing, analysis and characterization of polymer materials, including both synthetic and natural or biobased polymers. Some of the tests performed in these labs are:

  • Preform testing– This test is performed to investigate any kind of defect in the preform. Polariscope is used to determine the defects.
  • Top load testing– The objective of performing this test is to determine the load bearing capacity of the bottle or the product, depending on its expected industrial usage. A top load tester applies force on the sample until it begins to deform. This is a very important step in quality testing as it helps to predict whether mass production of the preform can be done or it should be reconsidered. If the buckling appears from a similar spot, it means that there is some defect in the moulding process which needs to be rectified before mass production.
  • Sectional weight measurement– This test is important to quality check the shape when designing a water bottle. To design a perfectly balanced bottle, each section of the bottle i.e. neck, wall and base should have a certain weight. So in this test, a hot wire bottle cutter cuts the bottle into 3 equal sections without any deformity. All the three sections are then weighed separately and if there comes any discrepancy, it calls out for the further tests.
  • Bottle burst test– This test proofs the load bearing capacity of the bottle. The resistance of the bottle is checked by constantly adding a substantial amount of weight until it bursts.
  • Vacuum leak test– The focus of this test is to check any leakages and spillage from the bottle after it is blown moulded.

Apart from the above-mentioned tests, a series of other tests such as Torque test, Peel test, Melt flow index (MFI), tensile Test etc. are also performed to conduct a quality check for polymers. These tests are conducted in well-equipped polymer testing labs facilitated with all the modern instruments. To quality check the polymer properties of your sample based on different parameters, you can consult Spectro labs in Delhi. We are a big name in the industry and have been providing satisfactory services since our inception.

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