5 reasons why the mini crane is increasing in popularity

The construction industry is booming and as part of this, there have been a number of new innovations in the machines that are being used. Where once construction companies had to use big bulky equipment, there has now been a shift towards the more compact side of things. One of the areas that has seen innovation and development is cranes, and they are getting more and more compact as different jobs demand cranes for tighter space usage.


We're seeing more and more instances of mini crane usage as construction and development companies hire these essential lifters to complete jobs that they need done around the site. The mini crane is used a lot in the construction sector for a number of jobs in tight spots and they're really a vital part of the construction industry. Without the use of the mini crane, the heavy lifting that needs to be done in tight spots would be, well, basically impossible!

Sure, there are a lot of different crane models on the market and every kind of crane has a specific application, but the mini crane is a small and compact lifting machine and is able to perform all of the roles that a standard crane would on the construction site - without the space required for performing big lifts like the larger cranes. The mini crane is just as capable as its larger counterparts in many ways, and because of its ability to do a lot of the big lifts, it's often a preferred choice for building sites and construction companies. Let's have a look at why the mini crane is growing in popularity.

Great in narrow spaces

These cranes can be used just like a big crane in terms of capability and function but they are useful in spaces where the working area is limited (like when repairing roads and streets). because they're small, they're very portable lifting machines and can be used to complete lifts very quickly and efficiently.

Flexible for work

The mini crane can be used in small spaces and is easy to assemble in a relatively short period of time. For this reason, it's a popular choice for jobs where the time is tight or where there have been last minute changes that need to be completed.

Work friendly

The mini crane only needs one person to monitor and to control the whole lifting process, which means that a mini crane has the potential to save a lot of time and money. While larger cranes are sometimes unavoidable on the building site, they can be expensive in terms of the logistics required to perform lifts. If companies can get away with using mini cranes for lifts, it makes financial sense to do so!


Safety in mini cranes

Some of the modern mini cranes can be operated with a remote control. This adds another element of safety of the crane because they can be operated from a safe distance, thus making the whole work site safer for everyone.

Can be used underground

Because the mini crane can work in smaller locations, they can be used for underground applications and can work in tight spots. Add to this the ability of the cranes to be used with a remote control and it adds a whole new element of mini crane use and logistic possibility.

The mini crane is an economical solution for companies and businesses who are looking to increase their profit margins and their efficiency. For more information about mini cranes, get in touch with a reputable crane hire company who will be able to advise on whether the mini crane is the most appropriate type for your project.

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