3D Floor Plans: The Exceptional Advantages

Designing a floor plan forms the very first step in the process of constructing a new building. A floor plan is one of the most effective ways to visualise a structure. This is the blueprint of a workable plan that provides an accurate idea of the details of a building.

Be it residential or commercial, a building is a complex structure with all its details. Therefore, it becomes difficult for clients to understand the outcome of the construction before it begins. This is where a floor plan comes in handy. It simplifies the details in the construction process and provides a peek into how the building will turn out to be once it is completed.

Over the years, floor plan presentations have evolved way beyond the two-dimensional sketches which, even though are sometimes difficult to understand, used to be the only method of creating floor plans. With the advent of architectural rendering technology, floor plans have turned three-dimensional and, therefore, have become much more comprehensible.

Architects are increasingly making use of 3D floor plans to liven up their designs. Following are some of the exceptional benefits of using 3D floor plans.

Makes Envisioning Easy

3D floor plans are scaled models of the possible final outcome that provide a more real-life estimation of the building. Additionally, 3D renderings of the floor plan can provide a 360-degree panorama view of the entire building way before the construction has even started.

This makes it easier for buyers to get a complete idea of how the plan would look like in real life and they can actually imagine themselves in the living space of their homes.

Aids in Material and Cost Estimation

With a proper view of the entire building right from the beginning of construction, a 3D floor plan allows architects to have a better idea of how much material will be required for each portion of the structure. Therefore, it will be easier to identify the amount of building materials that would be required for the entire structure. This can curb the problem of shortage of materials at a later stage when procuring them can be a little difficult.

Apart from materials, a 3D floor plan will also help in identifying the labour required, the approximate duration of construction and in estimating costs accurately.

Helps in Identifying Mistakes

With the entire building in proper view, it becomes easier to identify loopholes in the plan and any mistakes that may arise at a later stage. Additionally, a 3D model provides enough room for modifications in the plan. Thus, buyers can suggest any alterations that they feel are necessary even before the construction begins.

Therefore, 3D rendering allows you to have a floor plan that is not only foolproof, but also customized according to the requirements of customers.

Boosts Sales

When architects use specialised CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs to create 3D floor plans, it gives buyers the illusion of a third dimension, thus making the presentation even more appealing. This helps in eliminating surprises that may arise later and, therefore, makes the decision-making process for buyers, easier.

2D floor plans, on the contrary, lack the aesthetic appeal of 3D floor plans and leave a large part of the details inside the building to the imagination. 3D rendering does away with this problem and makes the process more convenient and easy to interpret. Therefore, customers are increasingly leaning towards 3D rendering companies to tend to their construction or renovation needs.

Additional Benefits

Some of the other benefits of 3D floor plans include the following:

  • A 3D floor plan provides an idea of the volume and space of every room.
  • It portrays how the finished rooms will look with furniture.
  • It clearly shows the positions of entryways and exits of the building and every room.
  • Locations of windows can be estimated easily.
  • 3D floor plans also provide an idea about the positioning of each room with respect to the others.

Buyers can get an idea about how to plan the decorations of the rooms with a 3D floor plan in place.

The demand for well-planned 3D architectural rendering has spiked recently. With the immense benefits that these floor plans provide, more and more companies are utilizing their potential to make the most of these.


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