3 Construction Technologies That Are Enhancing Productivity in The Field

Technology has evolved and changed at a tremendous pace in the last few decades and has touched every aspect of human life. Modern-day construction and allied sectors are no different.

With rapid advancements in technology, development is no more than tiring tedious thing as it was perceived as, once upon a time.

With the help of some of these advanced technologies, the ease and convenience of the workers have increased manifold. Moreover, technology has enhanced the productivity levels on the field to an unimaginable extent.

In this article, we will go through some technologies that have bought about a revolutionary change in the construction and architectural space. The list of these technologies is endless, and we will try and cover the best three.

1. Tablets, Handheld devices, Software, and Apps

About 93 percent of the contractors are now using smartphones and other handheld devices on the job site. The survey also indicates that 65% of them use tablets.

The reason being these devices make it easy for contractors to use applications that help in facilitating business operations. That could be anything ranging from work rosters to maintaining worker information.

Having electronic devices also mean going paperless and accessing construction drawings and other information seamlessly and efficiently. Using mobile devices means increased flexibility and mobility, thereby making it easy to take work-related decisions at any time while on the go.

These electronic devices and their usage are also accompanied by the use of any Software and apps that help enhance the productivity of the workers on the site. This includes rostering Software, drawing software, and other project organization software.

These apps and software, coupled with all the devices, are not only aiding in the increase of productivity on the site but are also making the lives of our construction workers and engineers a lot easier, a notch better.

2. Wearables

Technologies underlining the wearables have evolved tremendously, and now you can get almost all kinds of wearable accessories in the construction space.

There are goggles that allow to record and transmit real-time observations from the site. This means the worker gets advice on how to go about doing that work in real-time. That means the chances of errors are reduced, and the safety of the worker is maintained.

Then there are smart vests and inserts for boots that can monitor a worker’s vitals such as the body temperature, heart rate, sweat rate, etc. This can help reduce cases of heatstroke or other injuries at the site.

Then there are motion sensors that tell the supervisors if their work has fallen or has moved or not in some time, thereby detecting any danger and remediating that in time.

3. Modern Tools

Technology has truly changed the form and existence of construction tools, as well. From wooden handle hammers with cast iron heads to modern steel body heavy-duty equipment, everything has changed a great deal.

These essential tools that every construction worker should possess include hammers, measuring tapes, saw, cutters, clamps, nail guns, electric drills, etc. These tools are a must-have for every construction worker, and thanks to some great innovation in recent times, these tools have transformed a great deal in their form and usage.

Stainless steel super active hammers, automatic nail guns, robust and ultramodern drilling machines, and high end measuring tapes every little tool that you can think of has changed a great deal and has changed for good. Apart from the hand tools, the range of modern automatic weapons that are available is unending.

Some of the automated tools that aid in productivity include cordless drills, impact drivers, sanders, oscillating multi-tools, angle grinders, so on and so forth.

Apart from that, there are some on-field accessories that are of great help in aiding to the safety of the construction site. These include traffic cones, safety vests, hard hats, gloves, safety shoes, glasses and goggles, safety earmuffs, masks, etc.

Thanks to modern technology, these accessories are now available to ensure that the occupational hazards at a construction site have been reduced drastically.

The Conclusion

To conclude, it will be fair to say that modern technology has truly transformed the face of the construction site and workplace.

With all the fantastic smart tools, safety gear, and incredible wearable technology in place, the modern-day construction site worker is no less than an office clerk working in the safety of a closed air-conditioned office.

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