The Prospering Arms Industry

The Stockholm Institute for Peace Research’s, also known as SIPRI, Yearbook summarizes in 2013 the global sales of arms and military services of the 100 biggest companies of arms and military equipment for 2011. The amount of sales of these one hundred companies was 465.770 million in 2011, versus 411 million dollars in 2010, representing an increase of 14 percent. Since 2002 sales of the 100 largest companies producing weapons and military equipment have increased by 60 percent confirming that these companies are far from suffering the impacts of the financial economic crisis that has shaken the world.

Of these 100 companies of the SIPRI yearbook the top ten had sales of 233.540 million or 50 percent achieved by the total of the Top Hundred. No economic sector has grown as much as the arms industry and no one realizes this insane enthusiasm for war more than them. We have already pointed out the dangers surrounding the lucrative business of war and detailed report of the Swedish Institute confirms our suspicions. This institute should be held accountable to the Academy which is also Swedish awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, especially by giving the award to someone who validates that the Orwellian world of war is peace.

Arms Production
Arms Production

If something insane and irrational such as the fact that arms factories receive more benefits than any other industrial sector is also deep insanity why is it not publicly disclosed? The armament factories private homes absorb important part of public budgets. This means that it is the taxpayer who is once again the main financier of the warlords. An expense that only for the first hundred reaches half a billion dollars annually. Plus now they are also producing fashionable technology drones also known as unmanned aircrafts and it is not surprising that 7 of the top 10 companies operate for the airspace. Equally unsurprising is that from these 100 companies, 47 are from the United States. U.S. companies account for 60 percent of total sales of weapons that are produced by these top hundred. Hence the correlation between public debt and military spending we established some years ago to understand the problem of U.S. public debt. Here are some of the top companies in the ranking list of 2011. There hasn’t been a newer ranking.

Arms Industry circle
Arms Industry circle

Lockheed Martin from the USA are responsible for armor missiles, electronics and aerospace. Their sales were 36.270 million in 2011. The net gains were 2.655 million dollars and for the employees 123,000. Boeing also from the U.S. makes aircrafts, electronics, missiles in the field of aerospace. Similarly their sales were 31.830 million and they neted profit of 4.018 million dollars plus 171.700 for the employees. BAE Systems of the United Kingdom responsible for aircrafts, artillery, missiles, military vehicles an ships scored sales of 29.150 million. The gains were 2.349 million dollars and 93,500 for employees. General Dynamics of the USA manufactured artillery and electronics and their sales reached 23.760 million with net earnings of 2,526 billion and 95,100 for the employees. Raytheon of the U.S. works on missile electronics. Their sales amounted to 22.470 million with earnings of 1,896 million plus 71.00 for the employees.

These figures confirm that the war is one of the best bargains for some countries and even test the recessions and financial crises. Although they have important benefits, they also create unemployment. The big problem is that they need feeding every day with new wars so we have to invent them. What would these companies do if there was peace? So perhaps all wars are based on deception and manipulation of the masses such as the chemical weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein more than ten years ago allowed the United States to invade Iraq with the complacency of the world. Will there be a repeat of the same events but for a different country?

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