The Continuous Growth of the Global Skincare Industry

beautiful-ladyThe global skin care industry encompasses the manufacturing and the selling of products such as moisturizers, anti-aging products, solutions for acne and equipment-based services such as microderm abrasion and LED therapy just to name a few. Even during times of reduced spending, the skin care industry still thrives. The global skin care industry is forecast to swell fantastically in 2013 and 2014. Trends in the skin care market indicate that both men and women are beginning to view skin care as an investment and are stocking up on necessary items and justifying the more expensive services. With a boom in sales looming in the near future, now is a great time to get involved in the skin care industry.

The world's population is older overall than it ever has been. People are living longer and, now more than ever, they are searching for ways to prolong their skin's youth. Products promising anti-aging benefits are the hottest trend world-wide. In the U.S. alone, the number of consumers over 50 is set to rise by more than 10 million from 2009. The U.S. skin care industry is expected to swell by $264 million by 2014, largely driven by anti-agers.

The steep rise in the popularity of anti-aging products can be explained simply. They are viewed by consumers as investments while products like toners and cleansing wipes are not. In 2009, the industry took a major hit when recession forced consumers to rethink their priorities. It was during and after this period that consumers across the globe refocused their attentions toward products and services they could easily justify. These are certainly not limited to anti-agers and include high-end services such as laser therapy, microderm abrasion, LED therapy, spa services and massage treatments. Facilities small and large are having to adapt to the expectation that these often expensive services will have clear results.

With the popularity of these services and products steadily increasing, a large problem facilities now face is the lack of talent. In September of 2012, the Global Spa and Wellness summit released a study investigating the challenges faced by the global skin care industry. The report was commissioned after 95% of the delegates attending the 2011 summit reported lack of training as the greatest challenge facing the industry, and problems in hiring qualified spa managers and directors the largest obstacle to the continued growth of their own businesses. The skin care industry relies on customer service as well as knowledgeable staff. A customer is more apt to purchase a product or service if the person offering the product is trained, experienced and knowledgeable about the science.

Skin care manufacturers of today have a wealth of research at their finger tips. Newly discovered biological pathways and reactions have helped the skin care industry create new products more effective than ever. With consumers today looking to spend their money on proven products,manufacturers can benefit from new research to give consumers the products they want with results they can promise. A huge fad in Asian communities currently is clear, pale skin. A great number of skin whitening products are flying off the shelves while in the western hemisphere, products to combat acne and pre-mature aging are hot commodities. Manufacturers worldwide are kept busy by high demand for these investment products.

Even when spending hits an all-time low, the global skin-care industry enjoys the cushion of justifiable products and services. World-wide, consumers are living longer yet are trying to keep a youthful appearance. Skin care manufacturers benefit from fads such as skin whiteners in Asian countries and timeless commodities such as anti-aging products. Now, more than ever, facilities offering skin care services are desperate for knowledgeable talent, specifically in areas of management. Skin care manufacturers have a wealth of new research available to them for the fabrication of products currently trending in all consumer groups. All sides of the skin care industry will benefit from the great number of services and products it provides to eager consumers world-wide. This industry has had a history of booming growth and will continue to grow for years to come.

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