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What to Check Before Renting an Apartment

appartmentWith so many construction developments going on these days, finding an apartment to lease is as easy as breathing. Almost every corner in major cities is constructed with apartments and houses. This scenario has given us several choices to decide on. But of course, there are factors to think of when choosing an apartment to rent, such as leasing rate, location and even landlord background. Avoid rash decisions when it comes to looking for a safe dwelling.

Once you found an apartment that will suit you, it doesn't end there. It's time for you to scrutinize every part of the apartment. Why you need to do an ocular inspection? To avoid wasting your money on monthly rental of an apartment that has lots of flaws.

Better check out these features.

Safety Measure

Apartments are often built side-by-side-duplex structure. In case the other apartment is on fire, chances are, your apartment will be caught on fire too. Or the other way around. That is why it is essential to check where the fire exit is as well as where the fire extinguisher is located. If you can find smoke detector, inquire if it is still working.

Examine carefully the lock of every door and window. Try to shake the doorknob. Does it wobble? It should be sturdy and firm not wobbly. Burglars can easily manipulate loose doorknob. In this case, ask the landlord if it's possible to have it replaced with new type of locking system-the one that is hard to pick. Don't be ashamed or afraid to ask anything related to security. Remember your safety is at stake when you move in to your new apartment.

Water Supply

Turn on the faucet, shower or anything that has water supply. This way, you can check whether or not it is working properly. Pay attention to the water pressure. Is it high or low? If it is low, you better ask the landlord. Low water pressure might give you problem in the long run.

Do you see a heater in the bathroom? Turn it on. See how will it take for the heater to heat the water. If it's too long, the heating unit is probably broken or damaged. Check those visible pipes for sign of rusting. Rust formation is dangerous to health. Looking at water pipes can help you detect if there is leak.

Light Fixture

Switch on/off the lights in every room inside and outside the apartment. After pressing the switch, the lighting fixture should give out light immediately. If it doesn't, it calls for replacement. Inspect the outlets in the apartment to be certain there are no electrical problems or shortages which might cause accidents. Do not forget to ask where the main power supply is located.

Doors and Ceiling

Inspect carefully the doors specifically the main door. It should close easily and fit well in the doorjamb. Check also the hinges if they are sturdy. Some apartment doors have deadbolt, which is an additional safety measure. If it's not present, you may add one when you decide to rent the apartment.

Look up and scrutinize the ceiling. Is there a mold formation or stain? This might be a sign of leaky ceiling. Ask the landlord if it can be dealt accordingly. Leaky ceiling might give you headaches as time goes by.

Are you being meticulous? Not really. Checking these features is one way of ensuring that you will get the most of the rent you pay. Whether you are considering one of those apartments for rent in NYC or Houston, it is vital to conduct a careful inspection. Besides, it is you who will live in the apartment; so it is just right to make certain that you choose the best.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I like that you said we should check the water supply of the apartment we are planning to rent before signing a lease because it might cause us some problems in the long run. My girlfriend and I are planning to move in together, and we want to rent a loft apartment downtown. I’ll keep your tip in mind once we check out apartment rentals in the market. Thanks!

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