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Truth Behind Reports Related to Parsvnath Developers Scam

Parsvnath-DevelopersWhile healthy competition is good; rivalry, where one tries to defame someone with the help of false accusations and negative reviews, are nefarious. Same is the case with one of the most popular developers in the country, Parsvnath Developers. In this post, we’ll try to figure out the truth behind the reports related to the Parsvnath Developers scam.

Established around two decades ago, Parsvnath Developers is a reputed real estate company in India. With a presence in more than 41 cities, the company has been steadfastly focused on turning the dreams of people into a reality. Moreover, it is also the first Indian real estate company to acquire ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications.

But success often comes with many problems. And for Parsvnath Developers, it came in the form of scams, accusations, and even fake reviews on the internet. Are these acquisitions real or result of competitors trying to tarnish the reputation of the developer? Let’s try to find out the truth behind Parsvnath Developers scam.

It is not that difficult to rig the media

We are usually influenced by the things we see and listen. Media plays a very important role in what we believe to be true. Unfortunately, it is now not that difficult to rig the media and spread false rumors about companies or individuals. Same could be the case with Parsvnath Developers.

The majority of the negative rumors spread about the developer, especially on the internet, are not backed by any proof. Whether they are true or not; only time can tell. However, it is not a far-fetched idea to think that this could be an attempt by its competitors to damage the reputation of the company especially since the developer was doing so well. If one goes through the actual reviews of the buyers, it is very easy to understand that Parsvnath Developers have been quite transparent in their approach and communication.

Claims are settled already

Another most common type of accusation against the developer is that they have not settled claims of several buyers. Here, it is important to understand that when a real estate firm is engaged on such a large scale, claims and settlements are bound to happen. In fact, almost any big developer has thousands of lawsuits filed against it. This is not something new. The important thing to note is how many cases are proved to be legitimate in the court of law against a company.

The real estate sector in India is highly unorganized, and when a developer is engaged in more than 40 cities, it is not difficult to understand that not every buyer would be fully satisfied with their services. And as far as claims and compensations are concerned, the developer has always tried to provide timely resolution to the problems of their buyers.

Negative Vs Positive Reviews

Thanks to the internet, today you can find almost anything on it; both good and bad. While there are a lot of negative reviews up there about the developer, there are lots of positive reviews as well. From people being thankful to the developer for completing the projects in record time to reviews about high standards they have followed in construction, one can find it all here.

There is no denying that there has been a bit of a delay in some projects, the developer has paid compensation to the buyers as per the agreement for the same according to many legitimate reports.

Establishing yourself in so many different cities is an uphill battle that comes with its own sets of obstacles. No big developer is free from lawsuits against it. However, that does not say if the company is wrong or bad. While there are cases against this developer, for instance, there are also hundreds of awards and recognitions by reputable bodies conferred upon the company.


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