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The house buying process in England

England is among the renowned nations of the world. House buying is a lengthy process that contains multiple terms, conditions, and formalities as part of the procedure. For most borrowers, it is a maze or like and unsolved riddle which creates anxiety in new buyers. Here you can read simplified information of the house -buying process in England. If you are planning to buy a home, it will help.

Meeting the local property agents

House buying process starts from house search, for that you need the assistance of local agents to take you for property viewing. This step includes several things that you need to do as the necessary preconditions.

  • Figure out your budget on the estimation of your financial capacity to buy a home. Set a maximum amount that you can manage as the house price.
  • Decide locations because it is frustrating to wander to places for property viewing with no clear idea about your priority.
  • Shortlist two to three options according to the budget, locality and facilities etc.

Once the property selection is made, it is time to move on to the next step, and that is……..

Get a pre-approval on a mortgage

Home buying needs a significant financial back-up, for which you have to rely on the additional sources. Of course, the mortgage is the first and the last option to exploit until you are not extremely rich. Getting a pre-approval for a mortgage helps you realise the limit you can reach to buy a house.

  • Explore the mortgage market to find a good mortgage deal.
  • Advisable is to hire a broker and find you the most suitable deals from the market.
  • Know about the features of the mortgage options
  • Select one mortgage lender with some necessary financial details
  • Initially, if you get the approval, you will have a mortgage amount you can qualify for

A pre-approved mortgage always helps to know the strength and weakness of your finances. You can see if you need to add more funds to the deposit bucket. Also, you can figure out which property fits best according to the mortgage amount you have qualified for. DO NOT FORGET A PRE APPROVED MORTGAGE DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WILL GET THE APPROVED AMOUNT. IT IS JUST AN INITIAL APPROVAL GIVEN BY THE LENDER ON YOUR BASIC FINANCIAL DETAILS. WHEN YOU ACCEPT THE OFFER, DETAILED CHECK ON THE AFFORDABILITY PARAMETER TAKES PLACE WHERE BIG CHANGES MAY OCCUR.

Finalise the property according to the pre-approved mortgage

Now when you have the security of a pre-approved mortgage, it is easier to finalise the house. Do all the necessary calculations to see how the home loan and your personal finances will match according to the selected house. If possible, try to bargain on the property price because in that case, you will need to borrow less from the lender, which reduces the burden.

Get in the application process of the mortgage

Once the property is final and it is in harmony with the approved mortgage, you get into the detailed procedure. It takes from 18 to 40 days for the final disbursement.

The process is lengthy, and you will need to interact many times with the lender, which disturbs your daily routine. A mortgage broker can tackle all the stress of the procedure. It takes care of all the formalities and does not let you get disturbed with the process. Especially when you are looking forward to buying a house without a deposit or want a mortgage with bad credit, expert assistance is vital.

You need to only cooperate with timely details of your personal finances if you get a mortgage through a broker. However, your mobile message box and e-mail box remain filled with the appropriate notifications of the broking company.

  • The affordability is your main challenge

You have to prove your repaying capacity and for that varied factors come under consideration –

Credit score performance

Payment history

Current income status

Employment stability

Debt-to-income ratio

Income-outgoing expenses

Recent financial behaviour

Guarantor and his/her finances

  • Hire a solicitor

You will need legal assistance to make sure that everything is working in the due direction. A conveyancing solicitor takes care of all the related legal aspects. The tax part, scrutinise the property use certificate to confirm if the house is on the land with permission for residential use. Also, at the time of the shift of the property title, caution is necessary. He/she makes all the related documents and ensures that your house key is backed-up with legal provisions.

  • Property valuation

The lender organises for the property valuation after it is satisfied with your financial conditions. This process takes a few hours, and the final report comes in two days typically. However, the lenders usually do not provide you with that report. They tell the value of the property according to the report.

Depending on the valuation, a final bargain between you, the property seller takes place. If the report tells the property should be less in price, then you can talk to the current house owner about it. Otherwise, the deal can continue at the same pace.

These factors work collectively to prove your repayment capacity and get the funds. Make sure you make no mistake and leave no weakness on any of these points.

The fund disbursement and you can finally buy the house

After going through all the legal and technical procedures, fund disbursement happens, and the final stage of house buying takes place. It means that you finally get the keys to your house. The day is big and historic in your life. Now enjoy the homeownership and feel the pride of having your roof in one of the most crowded but progressive places, England.


You know what; the home buying process is not complicated actually. With the presence of FinTech, things are more accessible now. The initial stages, like pre-approval of mortgage, takes place online and saves a lot of time. In fact before that, the online mortgage brokers like Trussle, John Charcol, Shine Mortgages find mortgage lenders online in a few minutes. If you are secure in your finances, the house buying is never complicated, whether you are a first-time buyer or a second-time buyer.

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