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Real Estate Android and iPhone Apps for Home Buyers

black-iphoneLocating a new place to live used to require that you hunt through local newspapers or spend endless hours visiting real estate agencies so you could leaf through their files. If you were very fortunate you would eventually find a home or apartment to purchase that met your needs and was within your financial reach. Now that smartphone you carry has done away with this type of time-consuming work as there are plenty of iPhone apps that can help you find a home with ease.

Here are three of the top iPhone apps for real estate that any buyer can use to find his or her new home, providing he/she has a smartphone or tablet.

Real Estate by Zillow

On iOS, Zillow’s App is called Real Estate by Zillow and on Windows Phone and the Android Market it is called Zillow Real Estate. This is one of the most comprehensive iPhone apps of this type and one of the easiest to use. If you have an iPad, this app is even more useful. This is because when you view the app from an iPad, the screen is split with one side showing a map view of the area you’re interested in while the other side is displaying text only. When in ‘search’ mode, you are shown many search filters which include homes for sale, prices, number of rooms, size of the properties, etc. This app even allows you the opportunity to save your favorites and send listings to your agent, making it one of the best iPhone apps for real estate.

Home Snap

Home Snap is one of the most unique iPhone apps for real estate. By simply taking a photograph of a home, you are given access to all types of information about it. A house hunter can take a photo of any house in the US to identify it and find out it’s value because there are more than 90 millions homes on the app, courtesy of info provided by the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. You can find out how long a house has been for sale, what schools are nearby, how much the current owner paid for the home and whether there are similar houses in the area. Home Snap is one of the easiest iPhone apps of this type to use and it’s loaded with features that any home buyer will find very useful and even fun.

House Hunter

The House Hunter app will help you keep all the small details about a home in mind so you can compare one home to the next. Hailed as one of the best iPhone apps for real estate, House Hunter shows you all the houses for sale in your targeted area. When searching for a home on this app, you’re allowed to add certain amenities that you require each home to have such as a garage, swimming pool or whatever you like. Then the app will provide you with a list of homes which match your requirements and price point. When visiting these homes, you can use this app by tapping on any one of a long list of features you like so you can make notes about every home you walk through. And, once you are done visiting homes, the app will make a comparison between them and provide you with a rating for each.

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