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Real estate in South India is surging to new heights in the current millennium

India is growing to be a favorite hub for real estate investment both by its local citizens and investors all over the world. The enhanced income of citizens, economic growth of the country and urbanization are driving the scope of residential realty demand in the country. The real estate sector of the southern part of India is of special mention as it is experiencing exponential growth in real estate investment in the current years. It not only fulfills the dream of owning a house for the middle-income group of the country but also has become a preferred investment portal and asset class for investors.

The Government of India has also allowed an FDI of up to 100 percent for settlement development projects and also for townships, improving foreign investments. The real estate sector in the country is driven by increasing returns and transparency along with increasing private investments in the sector. It has been estimated that the real estate sector will contribute to about 13% of the country’s GDP by the year 2025.

Real estate trends in South India:

The positive measures that are undertaken by the Government including the cut in the GST have brought in a lot of good fortunes for the realty sector of the country. There is a growing emphasis from industry experts and real estate developers on the southern part of the country, such as Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. These cities are extremely independent and serve as solid real estate markets in modern times.

The best feature of these southern cities in India is that they have remained strong even while other key micro markets across the country suffered by certain economic factors that plagued the real estate market over the past few years. These south Indian cities have benefited from consistent and steady growth in the commercial sector and have enhanced employment opportunities. The growth in the population of these south Indian cities owing to higher employment has benefited the real estate sector with a number of nationally reputed development coming up with excellent real estate projects in these locations.

There are a number of houses for sale in Coimbatore, Guduvancherry, Gachibowli, Madhapur, etc., that take special mention among other south Indian states. One important real estate growth forecasts of these south Indian states in India are the eruption of mid-range and affordable housing segments in the year 2018-19. A number of premium and luxury residential units were also launched in these south Indian states to accommodate the real state needs of the population who settle here for higher education and employment prospects.

Houses in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu:

Tamilnadu in India is experiencing exponential growth in a number of sectors such as education, employment, real estate, etc. The city of Coimbatore is one of the largest cities in the state of Tamilnadu. It is also referred to as the textile capital of South India. It is also one of the best-industrialized regions in Tamilnadu. The city of Coimbatore is also situated in the cool foothills of the Western Ghats. The climate here is cool and is also extremely pleasant all around the year. The economy of Coimbatore is powered by businesses and industries and is one of the strongest economies in the state.

A number of real estate investors both in India and Abroad are showing their interest to invest in houses in Coimbatore. Investors are showing interest in Independent houses for sale in Coimbatore apart from apartments and row houses. Foreign investors also buy apartments in Coimbatore to enjoy enough rental income and to hold an asset in India. Retired employees show interest in buying plots for investment purposes as well.

Among the different regions and places across the city of Coimbatore where real estate booms, Ganapathy and Gandhipuram are the two most important places that are gaining tremendous attention in terms of real estate investment. Saibaba Colony, Townhall, RS Puram, Sivananda colony, etc., are also the nerve centers of Coimbatore. These locations are well connected with the other parts of the city and are thus prime residential locations.

Real estate investments in Bangalore:

The city of Bangalore is a favorite real estate hub for Indians as the climate here is great, it is the electronic city of the country and is booming with emerging IT parks and other industries. Living in Bangalore offers the best peace of mind, peaceful living, excellent rental income and the best return on investment. Many investors wish to book luxury villas in Bangalore, the buyers are also interested to invest in world-class tall structures in Bangalore that will render them world-class pleasantries and solace. The luxury apartments and villas in Bangalore are featured with world-class interiors, and a number of amenities such as rooftop pools, spa, private patio, and a number of other luxury enhancements. Some of the best projects in Bangalore that is worth the investment are, the Bhartiya City Leela residences, Peninsula Heights, Embassy group, etc.

Finding the best real estate properties:

The residential real estate space and luxury villas in Bangalore and Coimbatore have outperformed other metros in India. It has also advanced to become a developing and rewarding business sector, attracting both Indian and foreign investors. But it is important to delineate and choose the best properties so as to not fall into cheap real estate brokers. has grown to be a favorite destination for those seeking real estate projects in India. is one of the country’s leading real estate searching portal that has been established with the view to serve its customers with expert real estate support. It lists some of the best projects and real estate investment ventures in its website, state wise, city wise and in fact area wise. Properties here are listed according to one’s budget and space requirements. lists properties of all types starting from row houses to apartments, luxury villas, under-construction projects, etc.

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