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Modular Versus Traditional Buildings – A Compare and Contrast Comparison

architecture-1477103_960_720Construction landscape has gone global and had been a part of the ever-changing technology. Innovation designs in buildings are now in modular form and its popularity has grown. Nowadays, contractors, developers and architects are using this method in building their projects one after the other.

Here are top 6 compare and contrast reasons why modular homes are preferred by most developers as compared to the traditional building structures:

  1. Modular goes beyond the portable and temporary. As opposed to what many people think, modular homes, modular schools and other modular buildings are exceptionally versatile. You can actually build a modular building for many different sectors that range from housing, healthcare, hotels, even government, industrial and commercial facilities. They can also be built for long-term use and is permanent. A structure that can stand out the test of time.
  1. Modular buildings can be extended, repurposed, even transported to a new location. Parts of the building can also be sold separately. However, when it comes to worth, modular homes depreciate in value. As opposed to a traditional building. Traditional buildings cannot be sold separately or transported to a different location but they do appreciate in value. At the same time, traditional buildings can also be extended and repurposed.
  1. The timetable to build a modular structure is shorter. Let’s say between 4 weeks – 3 months if new materials are being used. For used modular, construction is from 2 days to 2 weeks. It already includes installation and delivery. For a traditional structure, however, constructing a building can take from 3 months up to more than 2 years. Yet it all depends on the specification, the size and the kind of materials used in order to build the building also plays an integral part in the construction.


  1. Modular buildings make it easy to complement other structures next to it. This is because the design of a modular building could be slightly restricted depending on the construction methods used. A good example would be a modular school whose colours are matched with other existing structures surrounding it. Traditional building designs are restricted depending on the regulations and the available space. It is also easy to complement the look of a traditional building with other existing structures.
  1. Modular buildings have a lesser life span. About 30 years if used modular is your material but if new modular is to be built, it could last you for at least 60 years. In this department, traditional buildings could last for over 100 years. That being said traditional wins if lifespan is what we are talking about.
  1. Modular buildings are eco-friendly. It only takes about 3-10% use of energy in building these kinds of structure. The reason why it is environmentally friendly is that it does not use concrete. They are also manufactured off-site which means it has gone through quality control before the delivery. And because they are pre-assembled, it takes only a few weeks to months for a modular home to be finished. The building can also be re-used and recycled in the future. As for the traditional buildings, besides that they take a long time to finish, they may not be as earth friendly. You can expect construction waste because of the materials used in building the structure. Material delivery may also take time and the crew will also need to be transported. Construction happens on-site. In addition to this, you will also need construction equipment and industrial vehicles in order to materialize the building project.

The best part about having a modular house for a home is that after construction, you can factor in the cost to its life cycle to realize that you could save up to 90% of energy in its lifetime. Its installation and assembly save you unnecessary traffic on the site. Emission of vehicles and emission on vehicles are also reduced. This makes it very efficient.

Lastly, one of the most important factors in building construction is the cost. New modular buildings vary on its construction cost depending on the specifications but generally, you can be able to save in as much as between 10-35% less than what you will be spending if you build a traditional house. You can save up to 50% if old modular is what you opted for. Modular homes are something to think about when you consider building your own humble abode.

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