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How to Pick Up Reliable Real Estate Agents


Risks are inevitable element or part of being involved into real estate business either for once or as a lifetime profit-generating career considering the possibility of loss when the sales negotiation is not that financially favorable for neither the seller nor the buyer. And seldom perhaps that both parties are equally benefited in their lucrative venture as their opposing priorities can hardly be settled in amicable agreement. This is apparently one reason why many sellers and buyers find it beneficial to secure the assistance of a realtor or a real estate agent to look for a property or prospect that could fit their considerations most especially as to the cost of a certain asset. But hiring this professional, however, is another story for it would require you to observe these efficient guides to pick up the reliable one:

Talk with the Previous Clients

Start this off by asking the agents to provide you with a list of what they have recently sold including the clients' contact information. And you have to use these data to contact previous clients and talk about with them the performance of your prospected realtor. Of course, you can expect to hear positive responses when a client is pleased with how the real estate negotiation was handled by the agent and the opposite if not that commendable. Nevertheless, it is wise to talk not only about matters relative to the cost of property given that the professionalism of realtor in going through the process also counts a lot.

Check Professional Accomplishments and Licensing

Professional recognitions or awards received by a realtor are also one good basis to assess the capability of the agent and you can check this out in the record of the association of realtors in your area or through peer recommendations. Further, it is also necessary to look up the licensing of the realtor as various states have specialized boards that discipline and provide license to real estate agents. Through this, you will know the regulatory body with which you can address concerns or problems relative to any negotiation with the agent.

Choose the Agent with Right Credentials

Just as other professionals specialize in certain field, so do the realtors; which is why picking up the one with the right credentials based on your business is also a necessity. This means, therefore, that generalists in the industry would not likely be a good option as the specialty of the agent is what would speak more of his or her authority. Meanwhile, these are some designations to recognize some terms in the credential of your realtor:

  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) means the agent completed additional training for the negotiation of residential real estate
  • Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) denotes that subsequent education was acquired by the agent representing buyers in transaction
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) signifies that a realtor finished the training directed towards assisting the sellers and buyers in the fifty-above age range.

Nonetheless, if the real estate agent calls himself a Realtor, that means he has membership with the National Association of Realtors.

Research the Agent's Years of Experience in the Industry

Experience does matter a lot as it determines both the capability and identity of the agent in long-term business as in real estate. In simple term, you can measure or ascertain the level of the realtor's expertise not just based on the records, but also in actual practice of such profession. And with your knowledge of this, you can avoid hiring some amateurs who would only put risk on your current priorities. At any rate, the ideal number of years that a real estate agent should have must not be less than five years as what experts in the industry had noted.

By taking all these things as bases when finding the right real estate agent, you are certainly rest assured of picking up the best realtor who can help in meeting your business priorities.


  1. When huge amounts of money involved, it is prudent to do your own research when selecting an Agent to help you through your Real Estate purchase. This goes for any big purchase: villas, land, condos, etc, etc… A simple search in Google and/or YouTube may reveal a serial fraudster.

  2. Levi Armstrong

    My wife and I are looking for a single-family home real estate agent because we’ve saved enough money to finally buy our own place. I like that you said we should pick an agent who has received professional recognition or accomplishment awards by checking the record of the association of realtors in our area. By doing so, we can be assured that the agent we’re hiring is reliable. We’ll follow your tip and try to check if the association in our city has a website. Thanks!

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