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How to be a Model Tenant and Improve Your Record for Future Leasing or Purchasing

We all know that a landlord has certain responsibilities. These would include taking care of the maintenance of the utilities, being available for repairs and emergencies, and the like. If you live in a group of flats where there is a common area which needs to be kept clean, the landlord is responsible for that as well.tenant

But tenants have responsibilities too, as you also know. If you have just confirmed the leasing of a piece of property, you have to know what to expect - and what is also expected from you. But being a model tenant is quite easy - and in the end, having an excellent record will always work in your favour, whether you are renting another property or buying a property of your own in the future.

What is expected from you as a tenant?

First things first: before you sign the tenancy agreement, you should see if it contains all the pertinent information regarding your lease. A typical tenancy agreement will contain such details as your name and the landlord's name, the amount of rent you have to pay and the corresponding deposit, when the agreement is scheduled to end, and the address of the landlord (or the agent) responsible for the property.

Bills and utilities

Your rent should normally be paid one month in advance, and the other bills you are expected to take care of are your utilities such as electricity and water, and television/cable, Internet, and telephone charges. You will also be expected to pay for council tax, especially if it is a long-term lease.

Your general responsibilities as a tenant

The maintenance of a building is the responsibility of the landlord, or the letting agent. But you are responsible for the property you are renting. Make sure that it is clean and well-kept. Dispose of your rubbish properly and be respectful of your neighbours - so this means not creating too much noise and not obstructing entryways and common areas with your belongings. Basic maintenance is your responsibility - don't call the landlord or agent if you need to replace a light bulb or need batteries for your smoke alarm.

If there is any problem with anything in the property, such as a busted pipe or dysfunctional wiring, you should inform the landlord immediately. This will help you avoid bigger problems in the future. You are also responsible for keeping the property secure. Lock the doors when you go out, and if you are going away for more than 14 days, you should inform the landlord or agent, as this may have an effect on their insurance policy on the property.

Major restrictions

A major no-no in any property is illegal activity. You are not allowed to engage in any illegal activities on the property, and you are also not allowed to do major renovations, at least without asking permission from the landlord first. Also, using the property as a place of business if it is supposed to be a residence is not allowed. Sub-letting is not permitted, unless you also ask permission from the landlord and they agree.

Knowing what is expected of you as a tenant goes a long way in ensuring that you keep a good record. If you need help from an expert estate agent when it comes to finding the right property for your needs, you can visit

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