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How is architectural photography better than normal photography?


Architectural Photography involves capturing the images of structures, buildings, and monuments in an aesthetically pleasing way. It is much more than just a still photograph of a structure. No matter where we go, we are surrounded by different forms of architecture on a regular basis. The term Architecture revolves around a broad subject, which includes structures like the skyscrapers in an urban area to the small huts in a lowly developed rural area. This is the reason why it is one of the most popular and sought-after subjects of photography.

It is more than just merely pointing the camera lens and clicking images of different structures and buildings. An architectural photographer conveys the emotions from a lifeless object like a building by setting the tone using the ambient light. A qualified individual in this field will know how to highlight the character and the real essence of a structure. A bunch of Architectural and Luxury estate photographs can bring out the harmony between the building and its surrounding environment.

In this day and age of internet marketing, companies and brands showcase the images of their properties and their surroundings on websites and Social Medias to reinforce the identity of the company to their customers. Most dealers use qualified photographers to capture stunning images of their properties to entice the viewer. A set of beautifully taken shot capturing the elegance of both the exterior and interior of a building or real estate can influence the purchasing decision of a potential buyer.

Unlike normal photography, the demand for architectural photography services is always on the rise. Property dealers are always on the lookout for such individuals who can tell a captivating story and enhance the look of a building by taking some unique shots from different angles that showcase distinct patterns, colors, and contrast.

Why is Architectural Photography not normal photography?

The thing about this genre of photography is that one has to let go of the inherent perspectives of using a camera. Picking the wrong lens, judging the wrong distance, capturing the wrong subject, shooting from a wrong angle can result in an image of the building which is far from the original.

The 3 kinds of distortion which needs to be addressed while doing Architectural photography are barrel distortion, vertical distortion, and pincushion distortion. Not following these will most certainly result in making a tall-building look short or a straight and pointed building look fat, etc.

Although there are many photography software’s which can solve these kinds of problems like the lens correction software, a bad shot will remain bad no matter what.

The hard-work and effort required to shoot an accurate Architectural picture takes precision. This is why Architectural Photography is not like any other normal photographs

Commercial Benefits of Architectural Photography

  • Photographs of real estates and buildings by experienced architectural photographers can accentuate the beauty of the property. These elegantly shot pictures can help change the purchasing desire of a viewer. Properties which haven’t been constructed yet can be sold to prospective clients by engaging them with architectural rendering.
  • These forms of photographs are critical in showcasing the features and merits of a hotel or other commercial site like theaters, music rooms, etc. Architectural pictures of different locations help the guests to determine how and where they want to spend the rest of their day and generate bookings for any events they might be interested in attending.
  • Photographers can sell their quality pictures which use new designs and creative concepts to interested individuals. These photos can also bring to the notice new and upcoming designers and architects under the eyes of a larger audience.
  • Companies and brands use different marketing strategies to build customer loyalty. A part of their strategy is to appoint architectural photographers to publish stunning images of their premises. Educational Institutions also hire such photographers to showcase the features they provide to each and every student.
  • The various stages of development of a structure are recorded via architectural photography. These serves as a documentary evidence for investors and other persons to analyze the progress of the construction.


Buildings and structures have always been highly used photographic subjects. It is in late 1860’s where this form of photography became a traditional medium of choice for photographers. Architectural Photography is commercially demanded and requires more skills than normal photography.

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